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Umbrella Gallery

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Lindsey Larsen: From Here to Whenever

“From Here to Whenever is a solo exhibition of new work by Lindsey Larsen. It explores language, communication, and expression through a fervent monologue addressed to...

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Trevor Yokochi: BURNS/ PUNCTUM/ TAOS

A show of works by Trevor Yokochi. ” By exploring the beauty in ambiguity, monumentality, and voyeurism, Yokochi uncovers curious ways of mark making and application...

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Liz Housewright: Mixed Blessings

A show of works by Liz Housewright. “Acting as archivist, family caretaker and artist at the same time, Housewright uses objects from her family home —...

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Donnie Copeland: Interrupted Paths

An exhibition of new paintings by artist Donnie Copeland. In his work, Copeland “uses the material and processes of painting to explore a new approach to the subject...

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They Don't Care

An exhibition organized by Billi London-Gray and Daniel Bernard Gray that features artists responding to our current political situation. Featuring works by Aye-D, Cor Fahringer, Daniel Bernard...

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An exhibition featuring works by UNT graduate students. Artists include: Keela Dee Dooley Sarah Janke Gracie Kennedy Teresa Larrabee Duoc Le Jieun Lim Jason Thomson...

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Cor Fahringer: As we lie, as we lay

In this exhibition, Cor Fahringer draws on his own history “to communicate and question norms of identity and intimacy. Through an exploration of contrasting materials such...

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Scott Bell: Howdy Neighbor

A show of works by Dallas artist Scott Bell. From the artist: “Scott Bell paints in moments, cut and pasted together from shreds of memories and...

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Dance Partners

An exhibition of wearable sculptures created by artists Abby Bagby, Minna Jain, Linda Gossett, and Rachael Anderson. From the gallery: “The vision for the show is...

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Ali Golzad: Playground

An exhibition of high-relief cardboard sculptures by Dallas artist Ali Golzad. “Golzad uses the innocence of children juxtaposed in war-torn countries to inform and educate his audience...

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ArtSkool is a project of John Logan, Abby Bagby, and Rachael Anderson designed to “enlighten and excite those with limited-to-no exposure to visual culture about art...

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Material Evidence and Forms of Alteration

An exhibition featuring paintings by Marcy Bishop, Kelly Ingleright-Telgenhoff, and Yuni Lee. The artists in the show “bend perceptions through their use of ambiguous material and...

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A one-night-only exhibition of small works by local artists.

This Could be Your Color

An exhibition of cast pulp prints by University of Dallas MFA candidate Josh Monroe.

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