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The Reading Room

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K. Yoland: Hidden Histories

An exhibition by K. Yoland. The show is comprised of images and information gathered during Yoland’s year in Dallas. This event is presented in collaboration with The MAC/Cedars.

Jeff Ferrell: American Dirt

An exhibition of photographs found by Jeff Ferrell, author of The Empire of Scrounge, while dumpster diving. The project is organized by Gavin Morrison and Fraser Stables of...

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Colette Copeland: Becoming Colette

An exhibition of new work by Dallas artist Colette Copeland. From The Reading Room: Copeland’s work examines issues surrounding gender, history and contemporary culture. The exhibition will...

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Sherwin Tibayan: Index

For this exhibition, Sherwin Tibayan has “constructed an index for Susan Sontag’s On Photography.”

Book Swap

An event featuring books, beer, readings, and conversation.


An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist, writer, and curator Lucia Simek. The show focuses on themes of exile and insecurity through the lens of nature...

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Aaron Krach: Will You Come Back?

An exhibition of laser cut woodblock prints and a newspaper created by New York City artist Aaron Krach to raise questions of value and accessibility...

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Shape Zines Pop-Up

Zines! Zines! Organized by Randy Guthmiller: Sally Glass, Brooke Granowski, Larry Carey, Evan Henry, Travis LaMothe, Shelby Meier, Patrick Romeo, Lauren Smart, Zeke Williams.

Noah Simblist: Palestine, Texas

An exhibition of works by writer, curator, and artist Noah Simblist telling the parafictional history of a small American town–a mix of colonial histories, holy...

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Carolyn Sortor: Seismic Hive

Videos from Sortor’s Hive series and new, excessively long prints on vintage seismic graph paper from the Los Alamos Laboratory.

Jennie Ottinger: Postal Mortem

San Francisco-based artist Jennie Ottingeris is out to save the U.S. Postal Service and the endangered mode of written communication. The show features postcards with...

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Paho Mann: The Yellow Room

A large photomural of a domestic interior by Paho Mann, who teaches photography at UNT.

Book Swap

Book trades, micro readings and conversation.

The Magician: Chris Byrne

A graphic novel that represents the completion of a decade-long obsession and houses a dozen separate publications, printed and hand bound using a variety of techniques.

Jesse Morgan Barnett: Season

Photography, video and sculpture, make subtle connections between fishing, weather, food preparation, philosophy and artistic endeavors.

Maury Gortemiller: All-Time Lotion

Gortemiller lives and works in Atlanta, where he “mines the Janus faced elements of photography”, including alleged objectivity, context, and staged versus spontaneous events which...

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Kris Pierce: Missed Calls

Using three separate phone numbers which will be posted in diverse geographic locations of the city, Pierce, co-founder of the experimental art collective Homecoming!, will...

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Brandon Kennedy: Exit For Sale

Slightly absurd sculpture and confused signage. Flirting with both failure and disruption, an obsession with wordplay and arcane logic gently nudges these reluctant forms into...

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Matthew Cusick: Scenes Et Types

Work from Cusick’s “Wave” series comprised of map fragments as well as the “Sirens”, which use imagery derived from vintage travel postcards.

Shane Mecklenburger: Tendered Currency

Mecklenburger’s work investigates American culture and various market functions and transactions, via video, sculpture, prints and a live eBay auction. During an election year and...

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Vincent Falsetta: The Index Cards

Falsetta’s index cards date back to the 1980’s, describing his works in detail: dimensions, materials, when the canvas was stretched, then title and any dedication....

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