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The Reading Room

September 5 - October 3, 2015

An exhibition of works by Dallas-based artist, writer, and curator Lucia Simek. The show focuses on themes of exile and insecurity through the lens of nature and the sublime.


Aaron Krach: Will You Come Back?

An exhibition of laser cut woodblock prints and a newspaper created by New York City artist Aaron Krach to raise questions of value and accessibility […]

Shape Zines Pop-Up

Zines! Zines! Organized by Randy Guthmiller: Sally Glass, Brooke Granowski, Larry Carey, Evan Henry, Travis LaMothe, Shelby Meier, Patrick Romeo, Lauren Smart, Zeke Williams.

Noah Simblist: Palestine, Texas

An exhibition of works by writer, curator, and artist Noah Simblist telling the parafictional history of a small American town–a mix of colonial histories, holy […]

Carolyn Sortor: Seismic Hive

Videos from Sortor’s Hive series and new, excessively long prints on vintage seismic graph paper from the Los Alamos Laboratory.

Jennie Ottinger: Postal Mortem

San Francisco-based artist Jennie Ottingeris is out to save the U.S. Postal Service and the endangered mode of written communication. The show features postcards with […]

Paho Mann: The Yellow Room

A large photomural of a domestic interior by Paho Mann, who teaches photography at UNT.

Book Swap

Book trades, micro readings and conversation.

The Magician: Chris Byrne

A graphic novel that represents the completion of a decade-long obsession and houses a dozen separate publications, printed and hand bound using a variety of techniques.

Jesse Morgan Barnett: Season

Photography, video and sculpture, make subtle connections between fishing, weather, food preparation, philosophy and artistic endeavors.

Terri Thornton: Getting To Know You

New drawings and related material explore the idea of how we acquire knowledge and the diverse sources, visual and textual, we learn from. Thornton lives […]

Maury Gortemiller: All-Time Lotion

Gortemiller lives and works in Atlanta, where he “mines the Janus faced elements of photography”, including alleged objectivity, context, and staged versus spontaneous events which […]

Kris Pierce: Missed Calls

Using three separate phone numbers which will be posted in diverse geographic locations of the city, Pierce, co-founder of the experimental art collective Homecoming!, will […]

Brandon Kennedy: Exit For Sale

Slightly absurd sculpture and confused signage. Flirting with both failure and disruption, an obsession with wordplay and arcane logic gently nudges these reluctant forms into […]

Eric Zimmerman: Telltale Ashes and Endless Disharmony

Collage, drawings, a publication and website dealing with the problematics and complexities of representation and the creative process by establishing relationships/harmonies and dis-harmonies between concurrent […]

The Yankee Doodles Sing-A-Lot Sing-A-Long

A short musical program of American Revolutionary era songs and action rhymes at 4:30 performed by The Yankee Doodles featuring John Dufilho on drums and […]

Matthew Cusick: Scenes Et Types

Work from Cusick’s “Wave” series comprised of map fragments as well as the “Sirens”, which use imagery derived from vintage travel postcards.

Anteroom: An Evening of Experimental Music

Andrew Jordan Miller and Jonathan Jackson are anteroom, a performance duo interested in the nurturing and delivery of text-based scores. Compositions by Martin Back, Adam […]

Shane Mecklenburger: Tendered Currency

Mecklenburger’s work investigates American culture and various market functions and transactions, via video, sculpture, prints and a live eBay auction. During an election year and […]

Vincent Falsetta: The Index Cards

Falsetta’s index cards date back to the 1980’s, describing his works in detail: dimensions, materials, when the canvas was stretched, then title and any dedication. […]

Rebecca Carter: Re: Reading the Love Letter

Carter’s work investigates human gesture in its myriad forms through drawing, video and sculpture. Humor and intellect are entwined and the familiar is often embedded […]

Keri Oldham: Happy Endings

Brooklyn-based Keri Oldham’s pieces in this exhibition are the fade-out “end scenes” from various films, re-imagined and used to examine endings on a personal level. […]

Bloomsday Celebration

Bloomsday Celebration

The Reading Room‘s Bloomsday celebration begins at 6 with a screening of Harrell Fletcher’s Blot Out the Sun in which a very condensed version Ulysses […]

Summer Group Show: Ann Glazer

The Reading Room presents Summer Group Show: Ann Glazer an exhibition centered on a narrative about building a body of work, showing in a gallery […]

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