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The Museum of Human Achievement


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A screening of avant-garde films by Martha Colburn, Arthur Lipsett, Bryan Boyce, Tom Katlin, Christina Battle, Jason Halprin and others, including an anonymous home movie of...

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Ryan Hawk: Surface Topologies

A pop-up show of video and sound works by Ryan Hawk. “This exhibition marks the culmination of one-year of research from Hawk into the material history...

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Chuck E Cheese for the 22nd Century

An evening of existential video games, live music, and savory refreshments (i.e. adult Chuck E Cheese). Presented by Juegos Rancheros and MoHA.


A double feature of films from 1963. This program includes: polymorphic perversity, sexual experimentation, and improvisatory acts of absurdity. Presented by Pastelegram and Experimental Response Cinema.

A Sponge & A Sigh

The second annual exchange between graduate students at UT Austin and RISD. Artists in this exhibition include: Zachary Betts, Zach Meisner, Anne Rogers, Rachael Starbuck, Annie...

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“Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol starring American Sharks, B L A C K I E, Silent Diane, and Sweet Spirit. This experience will include dinner...

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“We present work from a carefully curated selection of artists. This is not a traditional screening, it’s more like going to a show. Work is...

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This will take place “in a huge cage in the parking lot.”

Just Some Me Time…

“As a culmination of their research, the Applied Self Instruction Foundation has designed this comprehensive exhibition to allow for maximum self-reflection. In the interest of...

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Performance Tapes no. 2

“In this second iteration of Performance Tapes, Pastelegram will screen the early works of experimental dance pioneer and postmodern choreographer, Trisha Brown. A founding member...

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Art On Video

“A multi-media presentation of audiovisual recordings by Ángel Delgado-Reyes of 17 performances by improvisational quartet Art Acevedo, captured between April 2014 and July 2015 at...

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The Couple in the Cage

A screening of documentation from a 1992-1993 performance by Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gómez-Peña. Acting as natives from a newly discovered island in the Gulf of  Mexico, the pair exposed...

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Texas Towers

An exhibition of new work by MoHA’s artist in residence, Wade Schaming. Schaming forms his sculptures by stacking found materials, creating delicate juxtapositions and balanced...

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Sentinel: Temple of Self-Awareness

An interactive, projection-mapped lightscape by Brooklyn-based multimedia artist, Julia Sinelnikova, serving as a metaphor for the fragmented qualities of modern communication.

Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya

An audiovisual performance by renowned New York avant-garde minimalist composer Phill Niblock with live video projections by Canadian media artist Katherine Liberovskaya, plus experimental synth composer Rick Reed...

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Infinity + Infinity

Exploring both the heartaches and joys of long-term commitment, these unique interactive, multimedia performances feature Austin-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth McQueen and her EMQ ensemble with interactive...

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Altar IV: 1986

The latest Altar performance from the Museum of Human Achievement features a journal purportedly written by Jeremiah Elder, “a 16 year old American who is...

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Altar III: The Living Room

Media artists Bill Baird and Taurin Barrera have created a fictional character, Rick Boss, “the most successful real estate realtor in the history of Boise,...

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