Texas Tech University SRO Photo Gallery

Texas Tech University SRO Photo Gallery



Tom Kiefer: El Sueño Americano Project

An exhibition featuring photographs of objects confiscated by US Border Patrol. “n this series, banal personal effects become representative of precious belongings chosen for a...

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Corey Escoto: Screen Play

Escoto creates 8×10 “polaroid” works that are exposed multiple times to create layered images. This exhibition draws largely from Hollywood film clichés that refer to societal tropes.

Paul Plunket: Photographs

Plunket’s series, The Grassy Knoll – Dealey Plaza, documents visitors trying to understand what exactly happened when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

Rebecca Drolen: Hair Pieces

Drolen’s prim, square, black and white prints skirt the edges of the grotesque confronting the opposing forces of desire and shame in connection to body...

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Linda Adele Goodine: Gibson Lemon

Photographs investigate nature as “continuously manipulated for display and consumption”, refashioning the material world through the metaphor of sustainable farming. Goodine produced the series during...

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Daniel Kukla: Captive Landscapes

Photographs of the interior of  animals’ living quarters taken from eight zoos across the U.S. and Europe examine the conflicts inherent to keeping wild animals...

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Kelly Urquhart and Jaime Kennedy

Urquhart and Kennedy collaboratively investigate the dichotomy between natural and human systems. Blending drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital photography the artists print out digital images...

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