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Janine Antoni and Stephen Petronio: Incubator

An exhibition featuring installations, video work, sculpture, and photography created through the collaboration of visual artist Janine Antoni and choreographer Stephen Petronio.

Steven Tomlinson: Notebooks

Fluent~Collaborative & testsite present this installation featuring schematic drawings and notes from Steven Tomlinson’s work in academics, business, and theatre. The presentation explores the visual […]

LOVE George Herms

Collages and sculpture by Beat-generation master George Herms, a cult figure of the Los Angeles art scene.  (The materials used are largely remains of the […]

Homestretchbody: Justin Cooper & Rachel Adams

The first solo exhibition in Texas of Brooklyn-based artist Justin Cooper, curated by Rachel Adams. Cooper is known for transforming everyday objects into art installations […]

Return Trip: Nina Katchadourian & Regine Basha

For testsite’s tenth-anniversary show, Return Trip, co-founder Regine Basha brings home the artist who inspired the idea for testsite: Brooklyn-based Nina Katchadourian. The two will present […]

Lee Webster: Helldorado Days

Helldorado Days is a video installation that examines the theater of atomic testing in 1950s Las Vegas through the lens of the artist’s family history.

Testsite 12.1: Tamy Ben-Tor & Noah Simblist

Tamy Ben-Tor’s video-performance, Time and Space featuring a monolog delivered by a fictional artist. Ben-Tor will perform AVNER at the testsite space. Gallery hours for […]

Teruko Nimura: Spaces Between

Austin artist Teruko Nimura interrogates Asian and Asian-American culture through popular icons like the laughing Buddha and Hello Kitty, and familiar traditions such as paper […]

Eileen Maxson: Cached Curses

Eileen Maxson is back in Texas after a residency at de Atelier in Amsterdam with a new exhibition at testsite. Maxson’s exhibition Cached Curses infects […]

Rob Verf & Roberto Tejada: Full Foreground

At testsite, artist Rob Verf and art-writer/poet Roberto Tejada collaborate and "seek to enliven the exhibition space and its logic of display with a set […]

Mary Walling Blackburn: Accidental Pornographies...

Accidental Pornographies: Lesson Plans 1-9 showcases nine drawings by Mary Walling Blackburn, founder of the experimental school for women, The Anhoek School, that were originally […]

Elizabeth Chiles: Book of Praise

Elizabeth Chiles from Austin uses compositions based on landscape as the beginning stage of her photographs. The play between darkness and light and spacial qualities […]

Hey Stranger, I'm in the Texas Nation

"Is the artist a stranger who trespasses among us? With an eye to Jean Luc Nancy’s concept of “the stranger,” Mary Walling Blackburn will consider […]

Duncan Ganley: midnight, mid-Atlantic

In conjunction with I Am Not So Different, curated by Rachel Cook at Art Palace Gallery, testsite presents two films by the sometimes Houston-based artist Duncan Ganley.

Common Sense: Sheila Pepe & Elizabeth Dunbar

Check out Pepe’s massive networks of crocheted yarn. Throughout the exhibition’s duration, visitors are “encouraged to become interpreters, collaborators, to sit down and literally unravel […]

Mile Marker: Noel Waggener & Brian Hart

Monofonus Press and Fluent~Collaborative present a special, one-night only installation of the artwork of Noel Waggener from the novella "Mile Marker" by Brian Hart. Hart […]

Justin Boyd and Nick Tosches

Testsite presents Justin Boyd and Nick Tosches: Hide it Under a Bushel, No, I’m Gonna Let it Shine.

Douglas MacWithey

"This current project includes works on paper in gouache and collage and sculpture from the past five years. To accompany the work, curator Charles Dee […]

Temporary Services: testsite 08.5

The Chicago-based group Temporary Services will be busy while they’re in Austin. Check out their past publications installed at testsite, as well as a new […]

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