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Andrés Paredes: Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring is an exhibition of works by artist Andrés Paredes. The pieces in the show are based on the artist’s interest in the microcosms that...

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Spectral Light and Color

A group exhibition of works by Heidi Spector, Sophia Dillo, María Schneider, and Tracey Adams. The artists in the show explore the use of physical light...

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Carlos Canul: Excursions Into the Unknown

A show of new works by Carlos Canul. The pieces in the exhibition “explore creation myths and spiritual realms described by ancient and modern cultures.”

Christopher Marion Thomas: Doxa

A show of works by Houston artist Christopher Marion Thomas. The works in the show draw on biblical subject matter, hip-hop, art history, and pop culture references.

Aron Williams: Common Thread

An exhibition of art by Dallas-based artist Aron Williams. The works in the show are “inspired by the connectedness inherent in all aspects of the world.”


An exhibition shedding light on the issue of human trafficking. The show features work by Artist XX, an “internationally acclaimed Houston-based artist who wishes to remain...

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Daryl Gannon: Block Party

A solo exhibition of works by Houston artist Daryl Gannon. The works in the show are inspired by the artist’s childhood.

Rahileh Rokhsari: The Edge

An exhibition of works by Rahileh Rokhsari. The pieces in the show are inspired by “personal journey as a woman and the never ending dance between tradition...

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Art of Japan

An exhibition of prints by Japanese artists. Artists in the show include: Shuji Wako, Takeshi Hara, Takahaski Hiromitsu and Yoshio Sekine.

Ayad Fadel: Wishes and Memories

An exhibition by Ayad Fadel of abstract expressionist paintings capturing the hopes and sorrows of his native Iraq.    

Mariana Copello: Sonidos Virtuales

An exhibition by Mariana Capello of geometric, post-modern abstraction. Each sculpture aligns into a musical movement, radiating visual vibrations of the melodic rhythms.

Margaret Garrett: Choros Paintings

An exhibition of paintings by Margaret Garrett. Inspired by dance, her first form of artistic expression, Garrett creates works that allude to movements of the body.

Hidden Treasures

Artwork from the faculty, MFA and BFA students at Houston Baptist University

Fariba Abedin: Geometric Love

An exhibition of geometric works by Fariba Abedin that explore the concepts of love. Through incorporating calligraphy into her abstracted compositions, Abedin examines the foundation of successful...

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Misinformation is Ammunition

A group exhibition addressing the concept and effects of misinformation in our modern world, featuring individual and collaborative works by Houston artists Janavi Folmsbee, Erick...

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Daniel Adame

Performances by Houston-based multi-disciplinary performance artist Daniel Adame–the first in Samara Gallery’s new “Art in Motion” series bringing movement into the space.

David Graeve: Between Action and Image

An exhibition of works by artist David Graeve that transform and appropriate everyday materials into social, political, and poetic satire.


An exhibition of cityscape photography by Gary Griffin, Syd Moen, and Ashley Pridmore.

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