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M12: Center Pivot

Sala Diaz

December 8 - January 26, 2018

"M12: Center Pivot is an experiential installation highlighting images and sounds from the M12 Collective’s five-book, five-record collection of the same title. Like the book and record series, this installation and Chautauqua-style event are alternative approaches to overcoming divergent vocabularies, reference points and politics in rural space. Topics range from wild horses in New Mexico and small-town punks in South Dakota, to rural post offices and small museums in Colorado."M12 is currently Peter de Kan, Matthew Fluharty, Josh Garrett-Davis, Margo Handwerker, Kris Harzinski, Jamie Horter, Stuart Hyatt, Marc McCay, George Perez, Mary Rothlisberger, Chris Sauter, Richard Saxton, Jared Walters and David Wyrick.


Care, A Performance

“The exhibition Care, A Performance uses choreography as a lens to think through mobility, disability, debility, illness and institutional access in work made by artists with disabilities....

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Three Walls at Sala Diaz: Under The Gun

An exhibition curated by Michele Monseau and featuring works by Jenelle Esparza and Rafael Gutierrez. Both artists create pieces that “probe grief, anger and defiance in the...

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Pradeep Dalal: Copy/Scan/Print/Repeat

A show of works by New York-based artist Pradeep Dalal. The graphite drawings* in the exhibition are sourced from a book documenting objects in the Bharat Bhavan collection...

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Agosto Cuellar: Jive Town

An exhibition by artist, fashion designer and community activist Agosto Cuellar. For this exhibition, Cuellar is transforming the gallery space into “a functioning boutique, recreating his South...

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Ian Pedigo: A Body in Latency

A show of works by New York-based artist Ian Pedigo. The artist on his work: “Using fragments of articles and accessories that are worn: parts of...

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Buster Graybill: Recreational Modernism

A show of works by UTSA assistant professor Buster Graybill. For this exhibition, Graybill has created sculptures using everyday, discarded objects. “Exploring Modernist tendencies through...

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Sara Frantz: Vacancy

An exhibition of drawings by Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo-based artist Sara Frantz. The works in the show explore the ideas of “home” by depicting fantastical...

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Sterling Allen: Shadowy & Still

An exhibition of works by Sterling Allen. In this show, the artist is continuing his exploration of how three-dimensional objects operate under the influence of photography.

Stephanie Kantor: Mock Pavilion

A site-specific installation by Stephanie Kantor, an artist fellow at Black Cube, a Denver-based nomadic contemporary art museum. The show features hand-painted tiles, tapestries, and wallpapers, merging...

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Erin Hinz: Forever Stained in Sunshine

An exhibition of paintings that “explore how the psyche, the body and culture shape each other.” The show is curated by Hills Snyder.

Community Potluck Dinner

A community potluck welcoming Claudia Arozqueta, the 2015 Casa Chuck artist-in-residence. Bring a dish and come get to know Claudia.

Thomas Cummins

An exhibition of large photographs by Thomas Cummins. For this exhibition, Cummins revisits familiar landscapes from his childhood schooling and creates self-portraits as he examines the “places that...

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James Cobb: Tooky Jelly

A show of San Antonio artist James Cobb’s recent works created digitally and printed on metal.

Denise Sacha Ramnarine: Edge of Dreams

Ramnarine creates illusionistic, funny and fictitious spaces. Her paintings indulge her nostalgia for the kitsch-chaos of the Caribbean (where she was born and raised) and...

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Barbara Sturm: 7+5-3 = Nine Fingers

Works from the Berlin-based artist. This will be her first exhibition in the US since her collaboration with the now-defunct project Counterproductive Industries in Chicago,...

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Daniel and David Frank: Infinite Yes

Twin brothers celebrate their philosophy that “YES” opens the world to infinite and divine possibility by creating and installing a space of sacred resonance.

Megan Harrison: Atramentite

Megan harrison, selected by Guest Curator, Anjali Gupta, has installed a number of vaulting forms in the gallery — each like a five sided crystal,...

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Jayne Lawrence: Infestation

Stemming from Lawrence’s infatuation with the concept of space, Infestation uses nature as inspiration to examine the way an idea can manifest over time.

Kate Terrell: Strong Winds

Using two keyboards, an old Wurlitzer organ and hand percussion (sometimes tethered to her ankles) Terrell records each spontaneous piece with her phone.

Judith Cottrell: It's Yellow

The artist explores the nuances and patterns of the human psyche with an interactive installation.

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