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Rudolph Blume Fine Art | ArtScan Gallery

March 25 - April 29, 2017

A show featuring works by Les Christensen, Jo Ann Fleischhauer, Joe Mancuso, Mari Omori, John Runnels, and John Salvest. All of the artists in the exhibition utilize everyday objects that, by being turned into art, become fetishized.


Peter Brown: High Plains Song

A survey of 30 years of work by photographer Peter Brown. Many of the photographs in the show were taken in the prairies and deserts of America’s Great...

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Space Garden

An exhibition highlighting sculptors who address the theme of space exploration. Featuring works by Susan Budge, Larry Graeber, Abby Sherrill, Anthony Suber, Ben Woitena, and...

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Outta Space

A show featuring works by Emily Fleisher, Emily Link, Michael Kirby, Anthony Suber, Abby Sherrill, Antarctica Black, Ken Beasley and Gaison Alvizures. This exhibition is part...

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An exhibition curated by Howard Sherman and featuring work by Matthew Bourbon, Beau Comeaux, Rachel Fischer, Bradley Kerl and Abby Sherrill.

Jane Eifler: System and Syntax

An exhibition of works by Jane Eifler. Many of the pieces in the show are “second-generation collages”—they are created as original collages, then scanned and reprinted, and...

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Assuming Identity

An exhibition showcasing work from the graduating seniors of the University of Houston’s Photography and Digital Media program. Each explores the nature of identity through video, photography, and installation/sculpture....

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Michael Golden: The Bird is a Space

An exhibition of works by Michael Golden. The artist creates paintings that serve as “metaphors of the reality he experiences.”

The Weight of Light

An exhibition featuring the work of Fariba Abedin, Adela Andea, Soledad Arias and Lorraine Tady. The show explores the way light appears in space.

Jane Honovich: Marks to Matrix

An exhibition of works by Jane Honovich. The artist turns calligraphy into “matrixes of cellular structures and geographical strata.”

Paintings and Sculptures

A group exhibition contrasting figurative paintings with abstract or semi-abstract sculptures. Includes work by artists Dylan Connor, Tommy Gregory, Roberta Harris, Alex Larsen, Ken Mazzu,...

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Texas Abstract

An exhibition of work by significant Texas artists featured in the recently released book, Texas Abstract: Modern + Contemporary. The Houston engagement is divided into...

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Irony and Ambiguity

A group show featuring work by artists Miguel Avila, Michael Brims, Daniel Heimbinder, and Pat Johnson.

Eating Paint

Paintings with visual opulence and energy by artists Michael Blair, Casey Gregory, Julon Pinkston, Howard Sherman, and Jackie Tileston. The show’s title refers to Claes...

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Sculptures by Jennifer Ellison, Larry Graeber, Alex Larsen, Betsy Odom, Robert Pena Jr., and Patrick Renner.

Patrick Palmer: An Odyssey

This exhibition shows work from many phases of Palmer’s career, exploring his focus on the human figure.


The artists in this exhibition are interested in creating novel mythologies based on new insights in the sciences.

German Printmakers

Rudolph Blume Fine Art/ArtScan Gallery presents German Printmakers as part of Print Houston 2013. The exhibition presents five German printmakers, three of whom live in Houston...

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Botany of Desire

Featuring works by Dixie Friend Gay, Lina Dib, Ned Dodington, Jasmyne Graybill, Julia Maclain, Abinadi Meza, Divya Murthy, Melaie Schlossber.


Featuring work by Miguel Angel Avila, Kenneth James Beasley, Chuy Benitez, Michael Brims, Dennis Harper, Mary Howe Hawkins, Allison Hunter, Charlie Morris, Gabriela Trzebinski, and...

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Lillian Warren: Urban Landscapes

Warren creates landscapes that instead of idealizing the uncorrupted nature of Romanticism, focus on examine the anonymous of the modern city in which mobility, convenience,...

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