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Sumi Ink Club

An exhibition of work from the Sumi Ink Club– a participatory drawing project established by Los Angeles based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck.

Everything we want it to be…at all times.

The culmination of an ongoing project for “a group show about a group.” Featuring John Forse, Lane Hagood, Bradley Kerl, Cody Ledvina, Gabriel Martinez, and […]

Houston Ink

Works from Nau-haus Art & Graphic (NAG) collaborations, including works by  artists Ann Harithas, Susan Plumb, Marzia Faggin, Kelly Moran, James Magee, George Gittoes, Sharon […]

Albert Oehlen and Christopher Wool: Musical Moves

German painter Albert Oehlen and American painter Christopher Wool have immersed themselves in various musical activities; this exhibition, curated by John Corbett, brings together an […]

The Best Of The A/V Swap 2009

A/V Swap projects are collaborations that begin with a film or song that is traded between artists to complete. The Best Of 2009 is a […]

D Tour

"Every month Houston PBS, in partnership with Independent Lens, hosts a Community Cinema screening in which we put on a new independent documentary to be previewed, […]

The A/V Swap: The Good, the Bad and the Dirty

The Good, the Bad and the Dirty is the 6th annual A/V Swap, featuring 34 films by Houston filmmakers, aspring composers, established artists, and soulful songwriters.


Curated by Visual and Dramatic Arts junior Erin Rouse and Proessor/artist John Sparagana, NADA is about, well nothing, and features installation, video, sound, performance, text-based, […]

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