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Nothing Behind, Everything Ahead, As Is Ever So

REM gallery

September 5 - October 30, 2015

An exhibition of silver gelatin prints by San Antonio-based artist Tess Martinez. These works focus on ideas of anonymity and ambiguity through faceless portraits in which the sitter is defined by their environment rather than their features.


Margaret Craig: Ocean Harvest

An exhibition of work by artist Margaret Craig, featuring her “Floater Orchid” made from plastic bottles. Having studied biology as well as art, Craig’s work […]

Richard Mogas: Embracing Impermanence

Long-time artist and architect Mogas’ work is inspired by the “hard scrabble, cactus and rattlesnake” life in South Texas with his father. There are also […]

Julie Shipp: Asperatus

Asperatus is a series of paintings that explore the visual anomalies of light and color.

Dennis Olsen: Retrospective

From 1972 self-portrait etchings to the fictitious intaglio portraits from 2009-2012. Dennis Olsen is a Professor of Art at UTSA and the founder and director […]

Ron & Larry

The fantasy and practicality of Berlin hotel decor in photographs by Ron Binks; Elemental sigularities”without multitudinous manifestations” in phptos by Larry Leissner on of binks […]

Tess Martinez: Uno Mas

In Tess Martinez’s images, two or three contiguous frames on a single roll of film compose a single picture that Martinez says “stem from my […]

Jason Stout: Sovereignty, Viscosity, and Reprise

Lowbrow style paintings and drawings in which criminals, outlaws, family members, and other general power authorities battle against each other, to demonstrate the political, spiritual, […]

Laurel Bustamante: Night Birds

Laurel Bustamante exhibits a body of work she began in 2007 during a six-month stay at the Majestic Ranch Arts Foundation in the hill country […]

Ricky Armendaris: Yah Me Voy A Therapy

Ricky Armendariz’s exhibition, Yah Me Voy A Therapy, explores violence on the border between the US and Mexico and the escalating drug and gang wars […]

Marcia Keith Alaniz: The Great Escape

Marcia Keith Alaniz, who holds a BFA from UNT, presents still life and landscape paintings at REM Gallery. A new series centered on vintage fish […]

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