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Margaret Craig: Ocean Harvest

An exhibition of work by artist Margaret Craig, featuring her “Floater Orchid” made from plastic bottles. Having studied biology as well as art, Craig’s work […]

Richard Mogas: Embracing Impermanence

Long-time artist and architect Mogas’ work is inspired by the “hard scrabble, cactus and rattlesnake” life in South Texas with his father. There are also […]

Julie Shipp: Asperatus

Asperatus is a series of paintings that explore the visual anomalies of light and color.

Dennis Olsen: Retrospective

From 1972 self-portrait etchings to the fictitious intaglio portraits from 2009-2012. Dennis Olsen is a Professor of Art at UTSA and the founder and director […]

Ron & Larry

The fantasy and practicality of Berlin hotel decor in photographs by Ron Binks; Elemental sigularities”without multitudinous manifestations” in phptos by Larry Leissner on of binks […]

Tess Martinez: Uno Mas

In Tess Martinez’s images, two or three contiguous frames on a single roll of film compose a single picture that Martinez says “stem from my […]

Jason Stout: Sovereignty, Viscosity, and Reprise

Lowbrow style paintings and drawings in which criminals, outlaws, family members, and other general power authorities battle against each other, to demonstrate the political, spiritual, […]

Laurel Bustamante: Night Birds

Laurel Bustamante exhibits a body of work she began in 2007 during a six-month stay at the Majestic Ranch Arts Foundation in the hill country […]

Ricky Armendaris: Yah Me Voy A Therapy

Ricky Armendariz’s exhibition, Yah Me Voy A Therapy, explores violence on the border between the US and Mexico and the escalating drug and gang wars […]

Marcia Keith Alaniz: The Great Escape

Marcia Keith Alaniz, who holds a BFA from UNT, presents still life and landscape paintings at REM Gallery. A new series centered on vintage fish […]

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