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Hector Garza: Espiritus del Llano

REM gallery

July 7 - August 17, 2018

An exhibition of paintings by San Antonio artist Hector Garza. Garza's artwork "celebrates his cultural identity as a Mexican American while also re-imagining the intersection of Mexican traditions and contemporary American pop culture."


Richard Mogas: Meditations

An exhibition of works by Texas artist Richard Mogas. The pieces in the show explore concepts of language and expression of color, balance, composition, and texture.

Paula Owen: The Winter Series

A show of works by San Antonio-based artist Paula Owen. For the paintings, Owen collaged and worked on top of unfinished paintings created by her mother. Owen is...

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Jason Stout: Into a Birdless Sky

A show of paintings and drawings by artist Jason Stout. The pieces in the exhibition deal with ideas of “conflict and turbulence, both domestic and abroad.”

Julie Shipp: Deflected Sparks

A show of paintings by artist Julie Shipp. The works in the exhibition explore the artist’s “continuing interest in capturing the uncapturable visual anomalies of light...

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Meredith Dean: Silent Stanzas

A show of works by Meredith Dean. Dean creates works that are inspired both by “mapping (topographical, land, road, sky, magnetic flow patterns, earthquake fault lines, wind...

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John Mattson: The Nebulous Hum

A show of works by San Antonio-based artist John Mattson. The pieces in the exhibition reference the figure, landscapes and interior spaces.

Richard Mogas: Landscape Interpretations

A show of paintings by Richard Mogas. The works in the combine the artist’s “painterly abstract process” with his “pursuit of color.”

Kent Rush: 46 Years of Photography

An exhibition of works by San Antonio-based artist Kent Rush. In his work, Rush looks to photograph mundane objects as well as textures from urban and suburban...

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Daniel Maldonado Jr.: The Neighborhood

An exhibition of abstract wood cuts and portraits by San Antonio-based artist Daniel Maldonado Jr. The artist is influenced by the graffiti and Chicano cultures present in...

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Danville Chadbourne

An exhibition of works on paper and small sculptures by Danville Chadbourne. His work alludes to spiritual states, using imagery that is derived from an indefinable cultural...

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Jason Stout: Domestic Turbulence

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by artist Jason Stout. The works “examines the duality of the artist’s relationship with the idea of interior and exterior...

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Margaret Craig: Ocean Harvest

An exhibition of work by artist Margaret Craig, featuring her “Floater Orchid” made from plastic bottles. Having studied biology as well as art, Craig’s work...

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Julie Shipp: Asperatus

Asperatus is a series of paintings that explore the visual anomalies of light and color.

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