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Lauren Chapman: Metamorphosis

An exhibition featuring sculptures by artist Lauren Chapman. Using found and natural objects, Chapman creates works that combine her interests in nature and the human psyche.

Randall Mosman: I'm Still Here

An exhibition of mixed-media works by artist Randall Mosman. The pieces explore concepts of shelter and home.

Kelly Costlow: Feral

A show of ceramic works by Kelly Costlow. In Costlow’s pieces, animal qualities and human-like bodies are combined to show the harmony between man and nature.

David Andrews: Rail Providence

A show of photographs by Houston artist David Andrews. The works in the show capture images of rail cars the artists finds in Houston, and explore moments...

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MK Ghonima: Optimistic Woe

A show of works by MK Ghonima. Many pieces in the exhibition tell stories of places where cultures overlap or butt up against each other.

Andrew Martin: observer effect

An exhibition of works by Andrew Martin. The landscapes in the show depict communication towers and are executed on small pieces of plywood that resemble smart phones,...

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Michael Horvath: The Fleet

An exhibition of works by Michael Horvath. In his practice, Horvath combines recycled materials with his interest in Texas history to create sculptures of ships.

Luis Moro: Animal Cartography

An exhibition of works by Luis Moro. The pieces in the show draw on themes of animal migratory patterns, climate change, and the displacement of animals...

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Yuliya Lanina: Stories Untold

An exhibition of works by Austin-based artist Yuliya Lanina. Lanina creates drawings, paintings and collages that “use whimsy as a device to draw closer inspection, leading to greater...

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Berry Horton: Transformative

An exhibition of erotic drawings from 1930s and 1940s by artist Berry Horton. The show depicts images of transgender people from Chicago’s South Side and aims to “illustrate...

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Marti Corn: Out of Darkness

An exhibition by Marti Corn. The show documents the stories of refugees across the world, as well as those dedicated to helping them.

Letitia Eldredge: MYTHOS, LOGOS, PATHOS

An exhibition by Letitia Eldredge. The artist on their work: “As in ancient mythology, everything has a sacred significance, no object or activity is profane. Thus, since...

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Thais Mather: The Anonymous Author

An exhibition by Thais Mather. Comprised of mainly pointillist drawings, The Anonymous Author speaks to the concept of the continuous labor of creation, as well...

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Tim McCoy: The Mark of Time

An exhibition of albumen and palladium prints by Tim McCoy. McCoy photographs cultural remnants and natural phenomena that serve as “metaphorical substitutes for archetypal concerns inherent in...

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Sue Zola: Candy Colored Kisses

The artist on her work: “Fifteen years ago, I began using glitter as a medium in my artwork. The playful nature of these tiny reflective...

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Annabel Livermore: Kitchen Works

An exhibition of works that depict surrealistic flora. “The flat pastels are flush with earth tone and primary colors. The unseen winds undulate the flowers...

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Gary Griffin: Bad Intentions on Telephone Road

An exhibition of photographs by native Houstonian Gary Griffin. His documentary style of photography “seems to carry a majestic and iconic quality, regardless of subject matter.”


An exhibition of new works by Houston-based artist Tommy Gregory. Featuring sculpture and neon works, this show emphasizes the importance of face to face interactions among people.

Dan Havel: Drawing Assumptions

An exhibition of selected drawings and small sculptures made by artist Dan Havel over the past 25 years, including many works that have never before...

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