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John Biggers: Maame

Redbud Gallery

April 4 - 29, 2015

An exhibition showcasing the works of influential artist (and a founding chairman of the TSU art department) John Biggers’ (1924–2001)–from his evolution as a social realist in North Carolina and Virginia to a modernist, here in Houston.


Jennifer May Reiland: Veronicas

Artist Jennifer May Reiland’s drawings and watercolor paintings examine perceptions of fantasy, reality, distance, and closeness in the digital age. The title refers to the […]

Michael Wommack: There is no "I" in suburb

A series of pastel drawings by the Philadelphia-based artist record his observations of growing up in an archetypal American 1950s subdivision. Triggered by subconsciously remembered […]


Featuring a selection of drawings by Houston-based artist Juan Aaron Castillo, whose artist statement about the show includes sentences such as this: “These sources converge […]

Stephanie Darling: Biomorphic

“Biomorphic is the result of her aim to absorb those transmutational qualities of decay related to the physical progression of death and the effects of […]

Mexican Masters

Works on paper by Diego Rivera, Jose Orozco, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Francisco Toledo, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Francisco Mora and others.

Lorna Obermayr: The Bible Studies

Obermayr (1923-2009) was an artist, writer and educator active in Idaho, and later British Columbia, from the mid-20th century until the time of her death. […]

Craig Lesser: Works on Paper

Lesser created images that are a combination of abstraction and figuration. He was born and grew up in Houston, moved to Los Angeles in the late […]

Medrano + Anderson: Siamese

For over a decade Katy Anderson and Patrick Medrano have collaborated as photographer and painter/sculptor.

Inka-Maaria Jurvanen: Laughter Without Laugher

Inka-Maaria Jurvanen is an artist from Finland, currently based in Helsinki. She has had several solo exhibitions around Finland, participated in International Art Fair in Helsinki and […]

An American Family: b. Moody

b. moody continues his obsession with the contradiction of mythologies in his beloved Deep South. He continues to draw upon a personal, as well as […]

Patrick Medrano: The HorseCure Project

Artist Patrick Medrano has installed the first of 4 sculpted dog houses in the Redbud sculpture yard. The sculptures will be accompanied by a large […]

Reconstructing Visual Isomers

Redbud Gallery presents San Antonio based artist Cathy Cunningham-Little exhibiting a continuation of her investigations into the phenomena of perception with colorful light sculptures.

Degenerate Art

This could be cool. Redbud presents an exhibition of German artists whose work was deemed degenerate by the Nazi Government in the 1930’s. The artists […]

Manik Nakra: The Tigering!

Manik Nakra documented in watercolor and gouache on paper the attacks of the Champawat Tiger, a legendary female Bengal tiger responsible for an estimated 436 […]

Ricardo Ruiz: Love Songs For The Palomia

A Chicano artist using folklore, religious iconography, and the Mexican American culture of South Texas to explore life and love in detailed paintings  of devils, […]

Lynet McDonald: Intensity

McDonald, a self-taught artist born and raised in Mexico City, started painting again in 2006. She says “It felt wonderful to once again enter that […]

Demiak:The Big Blow

Born in 1967 as Maarten Demmink in Goudriaan, the Netherlands, Demiak depicts hurricanes, floods and other natural catastrophes all over the world. Wall sculptures, a […]

Ariane Roesch: Simple Machines and Simple Dreams

The main installation consists of three soft sculptures – a chair, a ladder, and an outboard motor. Roesch’s Picturesque Landscapes insert foreign objects into the […]