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Red Space Gallery

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1203 West 49th Street Unit B

Austin, TX 78756


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Aaron Meyers: XO

An exhibition of sculptural and neon work will mark the cease of operations for Red Space as an apartment gallery.    

Stepping Into Water: Jessica Mathews

Red Space Gallery presents Jessica Mathews’ new sculptural, video and text based work. Stepping into Water is an exploration of human experience after it has been...

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Michael Garcia: Illuminaughty Machine

Red Space Gallery presents Michael Garcia’s exhibition of new sculptures entitled The Illuminaughty Machine. Through the use of appropriated household objects Garcia will create (cue...

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Alexandra Robinson: PrettyUgly

Red Space Gallery presents an exhibition of new sculptural works by Alexandra Robinson. Robinson explores notions of beauty through decorative installations of sculptures made from plastic...

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Glenn Twiggs: Nuclear Fiction

Red Space Gallery presents an exhibition of work by Glenn Twiggs using installation, found photographs, craft, and altered images to explore the looming history of...

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Jenny White: Till's Landing

Installation work by Jenny White explores the concept of mass embarrassment. There will also be special viewing event on March 9th during SXSW.

Christie Blizard: Wind Waker

An installation that borrows part of its process from sand painting with references to traditional handloom work and early video games such as The Legend...

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Mikaylah Bowman: La Fille Qui Ment

Performative photography investigates the artist‘s compulsive and obsessive tendencies, depicting a bizarre, sinister world where black liquids become sexual and honey, repulsive.

Michael Mechaca: Of Migratus

A video installation framing the contemporary Mexican diaspora to the United States as a dysfunctional cartoon.

KrisTin Gamez: Falling to Pieces

KrisTin Gamez (of the Más Rudas collective) explores a personal battle of achieving the balance of sacrifice, within meaningful relationship through installation, performance and digital...

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Dieter Geisler: Preservation/Conservation

Sculptural works and altered artifacts that deal with highlighting the impossible nature of conserving and preserving what is important, mundane and absurd.

Jennifer Remenchik: Goal

Goal explores stories of glory and disappointment in athletics, playing with the notion of the athlete’s body as a scene of drama.

Nicholas Hay: War After Rock and Roll

Heavy stuff: Nicholas Hay’s polemical art questions whether the consciousness of our popular culture has recently begun to place less emphasis on negative aspects of...

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Brit Barton: The Icarian Sea

Red Space, a new apartment gallery created by Austin artist Caitlin G. McCollom, will host Brit Barton’s The Icarian Sea beginning June 11. The show...

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