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The Most Important Photograph Ever Made!

Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery

August 9 - 30, 2014

PDNB Gallery will exhibit what we believe is the MOST IMPORTANT photograph ever made. This photograph was found several years ago by PDNB Gallery Director, Burt Finger. Since he discovered the print, PDNB gallery has been investigating at length, traveling all over the world to museums and private collections to pinpoint the relevant historic value in the history of photography. Through painstaking research PDNB Gallery has found that there is no other photograph that exists of its kind. Recently Mr. Finger was offered $1,000,000 for the photograph but did not accept the offer. He stated, “It is not for sale, the photograph is priceless!” Because this photograph is rare and cannot be presented in normal gallery lighting, the work of art will be presented inside a curtained area. It cannot be photographed, so there are no press images available. - the press release


Mirada de Mujer

Taking the title from a Mexican novella, Mirada de Mujer, includes: Mariana Yampolsky, Flor Gardu

Joy Christiansen

Another SA lady presenting a spectacular installation! Read more about in the Dallas Observer.

American Roads

Since the famous Kerouac book, On the Road artists have been influenced by the imagery of the road. PDNB compile a group of photographers relating […]

Misty Keasler: Love Hotels

Keasler's Love Hotels explore the strange, kinky rooms of sex hotels in Japan. Come and celebrate the release of her first monograph published by Chronicle […]

George Krause: Sfumato Portraits

Krause shows his new Sfumato portraits, which have the light source coming in at the back of the head, producing a strange effect.