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PG contemporary’s Holiday exhibition, featuring  work by Hillevi Baar, Heather Bause, James Ciosek, Nicky Davis, Christy Karll, Guus Kemp, Charles Krafft, Don Localio, Tierney Malone, […]

Ushio Shinohara: Oiran Goes to Wild West

Thursday’s private performance will feature Shinohara’s famous Boxing Painting, in which the artist dips boxing gloves in sumi ink and creates splattered paintings by punching […]

Susan Doyle: Hermeneutics

The first Houston solo exhibition for Rhode Island-based artist Susan Doyle. Presented in conjunction with PrintHouston.


A group show exploring the rich middle ground between abstraction and representation. Works by Houston artists Julon Pinkston, Marzia Faggin and Melanie Crader will be […]

Michael Henderson: Labrinth

Henderson, a co-founder of Box 13 ArtSpace and professor at Sam Houston State University, presents a three-minute video loop incorporating 3-D animation with images of […]

Sofia Tatarinova: The Big Gap

The U.S. debut of Sofia Tatarinova, an emerging talent in Russia’s post-perestroika generation of photographers. Features C-prints of the pagan-infused, fairy-tale inspired folk art of […]

Fernando Mastrangelo: This Too Shall Pass

Brooklyn-based Fernando Mastrangelo uses unconventional and controversial materials such as condensed gun powder, cocaine, pressed corn meal and human ashes to create cultural objects that […]

Forrest Prince: The Truth Will Set You Free

Self-taught Houston artist Prince explores everything from global politics to America’s fast-food culture. Prince has an upcoming retrospective at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art.

David Lozano: Since I've Been Away

Houston native and UH graduate David Lozano painstakingly creates “pours of paint” with a brush using sign painter’s enamel over soft-focus photography. He’s returning to […]

Susan Plum: Nuevo Fuego/New Fire

Born in Houston, Texas but raised in Mexico, Nuevo Fuego is Plum’s first solo exhibition in Houston since returning to Houston in 2009 from San […]

Pan Y Circos

A group show about Hyperrealism and the Mexican/American border, where politics network with the mythical. Featuring Sharon Engelstein, Santiago Forero, Jorge Galvan, Dennis Harper, Brett […]

My Caribbean Self

My Caribbean Self introduces established and emerging artists from Trinidad, featuring Edward Bowen, Donald “Jackie” Hinkson, Che Lovelace, Shastri Maharaj, Peter Sheppard, Adele Todd, and […]

Street Science: GONZO 247 and John Stuart Berger

Sacramento street-style fantasy painter John Stuart Berger, specializing in “things that crawl, bite, squirm and slither,” is teamed up with Houston’s urban art educator, GONZO247 […]


PG Contemporary has gathered prints by big-name post-war artists including Willem de Kooning, Ken Price, Robert Rauschenberg, Man Ray, Joseph Beuys, Jim Dine, Robert Motherwell, […]

Mary Hayslip: Nature Vie

Zoya Tommy presents Nature Vie by Native Houstonian Mary Hayslip. A self-taught child of antique dealers, Hayslip makes towering, organically free-form stitched paper sculptures and […]

Donna Huanca: Rua Minx Pop Up Shop

Rua Minx Pop Up Shop is an on-site installation by Donna Huanca that serves as a stage for performance and a setting for Spring 2011 […]

Memento Mori

Zoya Tommy of PG Contemporary Gallery presents Memento Mori, a group exhibition featuring the work of Seattle-based artist Charles Krafft, Houston artist Wayne Gilbert, and […]

Patricia Hernandez: Parody of Light

Corresponding with her exhibition at Diverse Works, PG Contemporary presents Parody of Light, a solo exhibition of works by Patricia Hernandez based on the paintings […]

The Object Real

PG Contemporary Gallery presents The Object Real, a group exhibition with installation work by Hillevi Baar and biomorphic creations by Sharon Engelstein. Marzia Faggin’s experimental […]

Dennis Congdon: Everything Must Go

PG Contemporary presents Everything Must Go, a solo exhibition of work by Dennis Congdon. The Rhode Island-based artist is also the head of the Painting […]


PG Contemporary puts on its first annual holiday show- Show Some Style, a two day event featuring handcrafted jewelry and sculptural works by designers from […]

Aaron McIntosh: Adam4Adam & Other Boyfriends

Philomena Gabriel Contemporary opens with the work of Aaron McIntosh in Adam4Adam & Other Boyfriends curated by Anna Walker, curatorial fellow at Houston Center for […]

Jo Ann Williams

PG Contemporary hosts an exclusive 3 day event featuring handcrafted jewelry by designer Jo Ann Williams. Williams’s collection combines ancient artifacts and rare treasures with […]

In & Out: Narratives

PG Contemporary kicks off the Fall with a group exhibition of Houston-based artists. In & Out: Narratives features works by Adam Burkett, Catherine Colangelo, Jeremy […]

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