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The Funeral and The Twilight

A sick night (of music) at OFG.XXX Featuring The Funeral and the Twilight’s  new album, Falling /// Corpse, and possibly some visual art-related goings on?...

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Josh Smith + Jose Lerma

Smith’s rustic ceramics and hallucinatory tropical paintings, paired with Lerma’s shrine to abstraction.    

Anthony K. Giannini

In this sequence of paintings, Giannini works with images from digital archives documenting a nautical initiation rite. Using image manipulation software, toner transfer, and wet...

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Andrew Blanton: Panoptics

Blanton’s MFA Thesis exhibition is part realtime animation, part data visualization and data audification, and part philosophical question into the value and pitfalls of societal...

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Lana Paninchul: This Makes Me Sad

A German-American artist investigates 21st century objects and practices associated with the preservation of the domestication of animals, blending video, sculpture, design and photography in...

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Artificial Martyrs

Video by Charles E. Roberts III – Act One for theTemple Theater of the Gruesome King (7 mins); Katherine Harvath – object maker (9mins); Antibody...

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The New Nostalgia

A collaborative exhibition of 16 mm film projections and performances with the New Media department at the University of North Texas featuring work by a...

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Jeff Gibbons: Boylet Toilet

Gibbons’ work threatens our spatial relationships and conceptions of painting, sculpture and portraiture, demanding attitudes of reverence and absurdity.

DB12: Dallas Biennial 2012

The Dallas Biennial’s inaugural event, DB12, will install a fictitious “Dick Higgins Gallery” at Oliver Francis Gallery’s space to house the bricks-and-mortar component of the...

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Jeff Zilm: Sysop Demo

4 large paintings sourced from the artist’s archive of Amiga computer keystroke drawings of the 1990s.

Michael A. Morris: It's Just Meant To Be

A new 16mm film installation, alternative process photography, audio installation, and video considering the difficulty of assigning meaning to a given event or situation, how...

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