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The Funeral and The Twilight

A sick night (of music) at OFG.XXX Featuring The Funeral and the Twilight’s  new album, Falling /// Corpse, and possibly some visual art-related goings on? […]

Josh Smith + Jose Lerma

Smith’s rustic ceramics and hallucinatory tropical paintings, paired with Lerma’s shrine to abstraction.    

Dark Markets: Organized by Interstate

A group show by artists who use the Internet as a platform and foundation for work that exposes various online markets. Featuring: Ann Hirsch (NYC), […]

Anthony K. Giannini

In this sequence of paintings, Giannini works with images from digital archives documenting a nautical initiation rite. Using image manipulation software, toner transfer, and wet […]

Andrew Blanton: Panoptics

Blanton’s MFA Thesis exhibition is part realtime animation, part data visualization and data audification, and part philosophical question into the value and pitfalls of societal […]

Lana Paninchul: This Makes Me Sad

A German-American artist investigates 21st century objects and practices associated with the preservation of the domestication of animals, blending video, sculpture, design and photography in […]

Artificial Martyrs

Video by Charles E. Roberts III – Act One for theTemple Theater of the Gruesome King (7 mins); Katherine Harvath – object maker (9mins); Antibody […]

Brad Troemel: Concealed Carry

Black market objects  reflect the aestheticization of rebellion, creating a feedback loop between direct action as a sincere gesture and the inevitably fetishized forms those […]

almost Relevant –> Keith Allyn Spencer

“The pieces depict a fortunate state of being where I am able to partake in what, self-admittedly at times, feels inane and unproductive within the […]

The New Nostalgia

A collaborative exhibition of 16 mm film projections and performances with the New Media department at the University of North Texas featuring work by a […]

Jeff Gibbons: Boylet Toilet

Gibbons’ work threatens our spatial relationships and conceptions of painting, sculpture and portraiture, demanding attitudes of reverence and absurdity.

Homecoming: Hands on an Art Body

A one-night endurance competition: on May 19, attendees are invited to place their hands on any work they desire on display within the gallery and […]

DB12: Dallas Biennial 2012

The Dallas Biennial’s inaugural event, DB12, will install a fictitious “Dick Higgins Gallery” at Oliver Francis Gallery’s space to house the bricks-and-mortar component of the […]

Jeff Zilm: Sysop Demo

4 large paintings sourced from the artist’s archive of Amiga computer keystroke drawings of the 1990s.

Michael A. Morris: It's Just Meant To Be

A new 16mm film installation, alternative process photography, audio installation, and video considering the difficulty of assigning meaning to a given event or situation, how […]

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