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Camp Bosworth: El Otro Lado

Old Jail Art Center

June 7 - September 7, 2014

Marfa-based Camp Bosworth makes elaborate, gold-and-silver-leafed carved wooden objects that explore issues of violence, culture, and industry (legal and illegal) along the Mexican border.


Magee and Color: the Works of James Magee

From James Magee, the man behind the iconoclastic The Hill in far West Texas, come discreet minimalist objects made of different colored scraps of car […]

Slow Art Day

The OJC will join hundreds of museums around the world to help local communities experience art in new ways. Jr. Docents will encourage visitors to slow […]

Drawn In / Drawn Out

OJAC’s Curator of Exhibitions, Patrick Kelly, and The Grace Museum’s Curator, Judy Deaton, have teamed up to curate a drawing exhibition simultaneously hosted by both […]

Anthony Sonnenberg: Time after Time after Time

In Anthony Sonnenberg’s work, he uses Baroque approaches to make objects such as encrusted taxidermy animals using detailed ornamentation like pearls, crystal, and gold leaf. […]

Lucien Abrams: An Impressionist from Texas

This exhibition, drawn from both public and private collections, examines Lucien Abrams’s contribution to Texas Impressionism, as well as his links to the American and […]

Brad Tucker: Cell Series

  Austin-based Brad Tucker is an artist, musician, skateboarder, and teacher. He casually combines aspects of these varied disciplines to create work that is both […]

Contemporary Texas Art from the Barrett Collection

A selection of artworks featuring prominent Texas artists including David Bates, Bill Haveron, Jim Woodson, Robert McAn, Joseph Havel, Bill Komodore, Michael Miller, Helen Altman, […]

Gene Owens: Modern Vision

During the mid-twentieth century there were just a handful of artists exploring Modernist approaches to making sculpture in in North Texas. One of those pioneers […]

Cell Series: Carol Benson

In Carol Benson’s paintings the house, bowl and cocoon forms symbolize containment, security and fortitude, but the artist allows for various interpretations of the works.

Catherine Lee: West Texas Triangle

The West Texas Triangle, an alliance of five art museums, presents the works of prolific sculptor Catherine Lee. Born and mostly raised in Pampa Texas, […]

Bill Davenport: Old Junk Art Center

High art, low craft, and bargains galore as Bill Davenport’s mid-career retrospective appropriates the cells of the Old Jail Art Center as a working junk […]

The Reclusive Image: Works from Texas Museums

Objects rarely, or never, seen by the general public emerge from the inner vaults of Texas institutions. Accompanying each work is a short description explaining […]

Evaline Sellors

A new exhibit focused on the life and work of artist Evaline Sellors, a member of the Fort Worth Circle of artists, featuring original sketches […]

Face Time

Portraits from the collection, from the 17th century to the present, including many of well-known Albany citizens.

Eric Zimmerman: Sixteen Tons

Minutely rendered graphite drawings of images appropriated from magazines, books and other print media are juxtaposed with sound tracks.

West Texas Triangle: Tobolowsky

A region-wide exhibition of works by Dallas lawyer-turned-junk-sculptor George Tobolowsky blankets the  West Texas Triangle of Museums this summer: the Ellen Noel Art Museum in […]

Will Henry: Desert Solitaire

Will Henry re-contextualizes selections from his 2009 Devin Borden/Hiram Butler show in Houston at the Old Jail Art Center. Signs, stars, and little fires punctuate […]

Anne Allen: Cell Series

Anne Allen takes everyday objects that have their origins in decorative craft or utilitarian use as her subjects for her exhibition Cell Series at The […]


"Co-curated by OJAC staff, Patrick Kelly and Rebecca Bridges, 6° of Separation will showcase the relationships between artists and works from various areas of the […]

A Cell of One

"A Cell of One’s Own – John Frost is the fourth in a series of exhibitions featuring a contemporary Texas artist.  Individual artists are invited […]