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Everest Pipkin & Alex Lukas: Monopines

An exhibition of works by Everest Pipkin and Alex Lukas. The show features new prints, drawings, generative animation, and sculptures by the artists.

Another Ground

Another Ground features collaborative and independent works by Jack Arthur Wood and Jessica Cannon. “Since meeting on Instagram a little more than two years ago,...

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Between Us

Between Us features works by six RISD printmakers: Audrey Danze Blood, Camila Escobar, Valeria Rachel Herrera, Anna McNeary, Kelly Taylor Mitchell, and K. Sarrantonio. The exhibition...

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Perrin Turner: The Rock That Owns Itself

A new sculpture by artist Perrin Turner. The installation, which examines and reinterprets Stone Mountain, was created during Turner’s six-week residency at Not Gallery.


From the gallery: “Boons is an image-based conversation between A.C. Rogers, Bucky Miller, and Kayla Jones. Through three distinct conceptions of photography, the exhibit presents...

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Cameron Coffman: In Open Tabs

An exhibition of works by Cameron Coffman. In the show, Coffman “questions how the mundane may represent the feeling of loss or longing around the disorder...

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World War IV

An exhibition featuring artists Zoe Berg, Cameron Coffman, Braxton Congrove, Aaron Meyers, Rachael Starbuck, and Perrin Turner.

Alex Diamond: Wette

An exhibition of new watercolors by Austin-based artist Alex Diamond.

Andrew Riggins: Perennial Specimen

An exhibition of glazed collages by Austin-based artist Andrew Riggins exploring the makings of humans–body and soul.

Melissa Murray: Sub

A show of artist Melissa Murray’s new series of objects exploring truths beyond surface filters.

Manik Raj Nakra: Meat For Wild Men

A show featuring Austin artist Manik Raj Nakra’s series incorporating superstition, historical Indian iconography and ancient architecture–as well as a new, limited edition zine of...

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Ryan Davis: Maximum Vend

A show featuring vibrant, layered and intertwined visual patterns by Austin artist Ryan Thayer Davis. Turn Slowly.

Laurel Shear: Between the Sheets

Fueled by experiences with lust and loss, paintings by Austin-based artist Laurel Shear explore the bed and sheets as evidence of both ecstasy and grief.

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