Northern-Southern LLC

Northern-Southern LLC

1900-B East 12th Street

Austin, TX 78723


Matthew Steinke: DELIRIUMS

Northern-Southern LLC

June 9 - July 5, 2018

An exhibition featuring an installation by artist Matthew Steinke. In the piece, three acoustic robots emote music accompanied by found voice recordings and projections. Each of the robots mimics a human personality disorder. The piece is meant to "explore the space between the psyche and the body through robotic sculpture, animation, and sound."


Michelle Marchesseault

An exhibition feating paintings by New York-based artist Michelle Marchesseault.

Dev Harlan & Laura Lit: AFTER IMAGES

An exhibition featuring works by artists Dev Harlan and Laura Lit. In his works, Harlan explores the line between digital projection and physical minerals, and Lit...

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OVERNEATH is an exhibition curated by Rachel Freeman and featuring artists who use “texture to delineate form and conflate exterior and interior space.” Artists include: Clarke...

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Kel Brown & Lisa Choinacky: Solace

A show featuring works by Kel Brown and Lisa Choinacky. This show marks the opening of Northern-Southern’s new space on East 12th St.


An exhibition featuring “paintings, design objects, installations, photographs, performances, graphics, sculptures, boxes, embroidered books, impossible baskets, and poems.” Artists in the show include: Leon Alesi Debra Broz Erin...

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Warm Ashes

An exhibition featuring documentation of the one-night performance of Blue Flames. The show features objects and documentation from Benjamin Cissner, Brad Tucker as Bad Trucker, Bridget Evarts, Caroline Gormley, Jared...

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Blue Flames

An event featuring music, performance art, experimental theater, poetry, story-telling, and visual art.

Living Rooms

An exhibition featuring works by Adreon Henry Alyson Fox, Articulture, Brad Tucker, Brooklyn Woods, Christine Gray, Dan Forbes, Dana McClure, 4th Edition Design, Haley Ann Robinson, Igor Siddiqui, Ike Krumenacker, Irena Stanisic, Jaime Zuverza, Joseph Phillips, Leslie Webb, Madeline Gallucci, Michael Villarreal, Michael Yates, Mike...

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Matt Steinke/Octant : Christmas

“Matt Steinke presents an encore performance of the Stuttering Clock of Christmas, a recital of Christmas music performed by robots and other inventions. This year...

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Almost Nothing

“An exhibition of ontological ambiguity at Northern-Southern Curated by Shawn Camp.” The show includes works by Stella Alesi, Daniel Gray & Billi London-Gray, Taylor Holland, Brian Johnson, Germaine Keller, Dameon Lester, Claude Van...

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Shawn Camp: Aphotic Zone

An exhibition of artist Shawn Camp’s backlit paintings in a black gallery with light cycling from dim to total darkness. The title refers to the...

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A group exhibition featuring art and design work by David R Head Jr., Dax Norman, Karen Gelardi, Michelle Marchesseault, Mike Reddy, Phillip Niemeyer, Rachel Freeman,...

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A show about contemporary frames of looking, and of objects to be looked at and through. Participants include fine artists, commercial artists, photographers, and designers:...

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A show of writing, lettering, typography, and/or art by 34 graphic designers, artists, poets, and/or writers.

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