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Postcards from the Trenches: Germans and Americans Visualize the Great War

Museum of Printing History

October 23 - February 14, 2015

The exhibition focuses on the art created by soldiers, demonstrating how individuals from opposing sides of the conflict personalized and humanized the war experience. Seventy-five hand-painted postcards by German painter, Otto Schubert, serve as a focal point of the exhibition and depict the daily realities and tragedies of the war.


Illustrated Fine Printing

"Illustrated Fine Printing: The Whittington Press, Matrix & America explores the relationship between the influential journal Matrix and contributing printers and writers from the US. […]

Orna Feinstein: Branched and Rooted

 Israeli-born, Houston-based print artist Orna Feinstein has been working on this series since 2004, and it currently numbers over 300 monoprints and 4 installations.

Gelam Nguzu Kazi: Dugong My Son

In collaboration with the Consulate of Australia, the Museum of Printing History presents limited edition linocuts by aboriginal Australian artists from Mua Island.

Marilyn Davenport

If you’ve ever wondered where all those neon signs go when they’re time is done on the Vegas Strip, then this is the show for […]

Comic Books: a Visual Journey

Comic book fans rejoice! Organized by Richard Evans of Bedrock City Comics, Comic Books: a Visual Journey features seminal works, such as the early appearances […]

Frazier King: Orchidaceae

Sad that FotoFest 2008 is coming to an end? Then check out Frazier King’s pretty pics of orchids.

Forgers, Frauds and Pirates: Faking the Book

Exposing the dark, fake side of the literary world, this exhibition gathers examples of published deception over the years. Includes copies of: the Texas Declaration […]

Front Page: Newspaper Production

EXTRA, EXTRA read all about it! Dive into the history of newspaper printing starting with the 17th century to contemporary events, walk through infamous headlines: