MKT BAR at Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown

1001 Austin Street

Houston, TX 77010

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Love Street, the Houston Scene, Market and First Ward Editions (sept 6 houston)

MKT BAR at Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown

September 6 - 28, 2014

20 artists share their profound love for Houston’s love of its local arts community at A grocert store across from the TX Contemporary Art Fair. Artists include David A. Brown, Suzan Budge, Michael De La Cerda, Craig Dunn Clark, Kristen Cliburn, Gallery Homeland, GONZO247, David Graeve, Kimberly Gremillion, Merideth Jack, Kelli Scott Kelley, Laura Lark, Felipe Lopez, Lester Marks, MOD Museum of Drawing, Michael Macedo Meazell, Nate Nash, Mark Ponder, Patrick Renner, Alfredo Scaroina, and Stephanie Villareal. Curated by Michael Macedo Meazell.


George Hixson: Art Car Parade Retro 1986

Relive the “New Music Parade,” the inspiration for Houston’s first art car parade, through the lens of photographer George Hixson. Fifty percent of the proceeds […]