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Yuni Lee: Through the Looking Glass

An exhibition of paintings by Yuni Lee. The artist’s works contain “flash points of vivid color that might obliquely reference her Korean heritage,” but are meant...

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Chaitra Linehan: Menagerie

An exhibition of works by Chaitra Linehan. Meant to be a poetic homage to animals in nature, the show has an undertone of the menacing facets...

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Luke Ball: Nowheres

An exhibition featuring work by master printmaker Luke Ball. “His inventions mock the male psyche full of bluster and braggadocio but ultimately not amounting to a...

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Savage Impressions

“Forsaking the precious and insular bubble world of contemporary art the “Savage Impressions” crew seek direct and unmediated real world engagement. Be prepared for dubious...

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Moni Bell: Breakin' the Food Chain

An exhibition of new work by Moni Bell, whose dystopian universe exposes the ugly underbelly of human motivations with a dark humor.

Joanne Cervantes: Bet On Me

A show featuring new work by artist Joanne Cervantes which wrestles with the challenges and creative ambitions in her life.

Glenn Downing: The Old So and So

An exhibition of new work by Waco artist Glenn Downing. In addition, opening night features a performance by Chris Merlick and his Duchampaphones.

The Cat Show

Meow. Feline art by Andy Don Emmons, Bruce Lee Webb, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Clay Stinnett, Jason Cohen, Chaitra Linehan, Matt Bagley, Sharon Neel-Bagley, Teresa Megahan, Sara...

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Laurisa Galvan: South Central Dallas

The street-wise characters that emerge in Laurisa Galvan‘s new images are stalwart and unapologetic. Social critiques are held in abeyance; individuation is fashioned from the...

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Andy Don Emmons: Para Normalities

New reworked thrift store paintings by work by Andy Don Emmons. Don’t miss the opening night performance by “Unconscious Collective,” Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez, along...

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Noble Savages

This exhibition plays off the concept of the outsider, untainted by civilization and living under his own inner rule.

Animal Drama: Chaitra Linehan

The creatures in Linehan’s pictures are caught up in a biological reality or re-imagined in fanciful reinvention.

Armas Desnudas: Rosemary Meza-DesPlas

Mighty Fine Arts presents Armas Desnudas featuring new work by Rosemary Meza-DesPlas. Armas Desnudas references the pop culture stereotypes of dangerous, sex kittens embodied in shows...

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Brian Johnson: Static Evolution

Mighty Fine Arts presents Static Evolution featuring new work by Brian Johnson. Austin based artist Brian Johnson is a master printmaker. His layered imagery references pop...

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The Amazing Hancock Brothers: Fissure of Rolando

Infamous and illegitimate art endeavors blend of sci-fi monster movies, cowboys, Indians, meat puppets, trucks, Mexicans, Texanese, bible-belt moralities and various other shades of disrespectablity.

Bruce Lee: No Way Up But Down

“The Prophet Bruce Lee first entered the plane of material existence in 1966 in the auspicious setting of Waxahachie Texas during a planetary alignment. Rays...

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Richard Doherty: Absurd Beauty

Richard Doherty’s images sensationalize the ordinary. Also, in the MFA Project Room: “Beneficence” featuring work by  MFA artists to benefit Wordspace.

Jason Cohen: Facetotems

Also in the MFA Project Room: “Bitchin’ Chimeras” curated by Brian Jones and Brian Scott.

Antena @ MFA

Miguel Cortez, “gallery boss” of Antena in Chicago has curated a fresh sampling of gallery artists who will “flaunt some new and sort of legal...

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