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Moni Bell: Release in Shadow

“Moni Bell’s swirling imagery lies somewhere in the cusp between wakefulness and slumber. There is a twilight aspect to her shape shifting drawings that seem...

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Manuel Pecina: Texture

An exhibition of works by Manuel Pecina. The pieces in the show are meant to inspire contemplation and discernment from the viewer.

Loose Women

Loose Women is an exhibition featuring works by Sara Cardona, Courtney Googe, Leah Hairston, Cynthia Ann Miro, and Jenifer Smith.

Dallas Piranha Printmakers

A show curated by Matt Bagley of Iron Frog Press and featuring works by Courtney Googe, Brian McClure, Terri Thoman, Josh Monroe, Erica Guajardo, Mirka Hokkanen, Junanne Peck,...

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Amber Crimmings: Bound Matriarchs

A show of new works by Amber Crimmings. Using printmaking processes, Crimmings reinterprets fairytale stories, showing how they bind and confine the place of women in the...

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The High Show

An exhibition featuring works by Andy Don Emmons, Clay Stinnett, Matt Bagley, Brett Ardoin, Dwayne Carter, Leah Hairston, Moni Bell, Cynthia Ann Miro, Scott Wayne McDaniel,...

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The Odd Fellows Show

An exhibition featuring artworks created by members of the Dallas Odd Fellows Lodge #44. This show is organized by Andy Don Emmons and features works by Cari Adams,...

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Leah Hairston: Teasarama

A show of works by Leah Hairston. The pieces in the show blend burlesque queens with cartoon personalities in an attempt to blend worlds together.

Dystopian Dreams

An exhibition of works by Dwayne Carter, Patrick Patterson-Carroll Randall Garrett, Thor Johnson, and Montoya Williams. The show features “third party musings, dreams of dystopias both personal...

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B.A.'s Co-Creational Vortex

An exhibition of new work by Brett Ardoin. The artist is inspired by his time in the back waters of South Louisiana.

Yuni Lee: Through the Looking Glass

An exhibition of paintings by Yuni Lee. The artist’s works contain “flash points of vivid color that might obliquely reference her Korean heritage,” but are meant...

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Chaitra Linehan: Menagerie

An exhibition of works by Chaitra Linehan. Meant to be a poetic homage to animals in nature, the show has an undertone of the menacing facets...

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Luke Ball: Nowheres

An exhibition featuring work by master printmaker Luke Ball. “His inventions mock the male psyche full of bluster and braggadocio but ultimately not amounting to a...

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Savage Impressions

“Forsaking the precious and insular bubble world of contemporary art the “Savage Impressions” crew seek direct and unmediated real world engagement. Be prepared for dubious...

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Moni Bell: Breakin' the Food Chain

An exhibition of new work by Moni Bell, whose dystopian universe exposes the ugly underbelly of human motivations with a dark humor.

Joanne Cervantes: Bet On Me

A show featuring new work by artist Joanne Cervantes which wrestles with the challenges and creative ambitions in her life.

Glenn Downing: The Old So and So

An exhibition of new work by Waco artist Glenn Downing. In addition, opening night features a performance by Chris Merlick and his Duchampaphones.

The Cat Show

Meow. Feline art by Andy Don Emmons, Bruce Lee Webb, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Clay Stinnett, Jason Cohen, Chaitra Linehan, Matt Bagley, Sharon Neel-Bagley, Teresa Megahan, Sara...

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