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Jason Webb: Discard Piles

McMurtrey Gallery

July 11 - August 8, 2015

An exhibition featuring a new series of small paintings by Brooklyn based artist Jason Webb, whose meticulous renderings of discarded objects find the beauty of impermanence.


Sydney Yeager: Between Here and There

An exhibition of abstract works by artist Sydney Yeager influenced by elements of Mannerist painting and Sienese Gothic paintings.

Sarah Williams: City Limits

A show of paintings by artist Sarah Williams depicting houses, signs, and skies of rural America.

Jules Buck Jones: ¿Do Geese See God?

Science and mythology overlap in Jones’ aggressive ecosystems of deconstructed woodland imagery. We’re not sure what palindromes have to do with painting, but Jules Buck […]

Rusty Scruby: Line to Circle

Scruby’s obsessive mixed media works show his fascination with the beauty found in mathematics and personal memory.

Jill Parisi: Tidal Mosaics

Lovely, delicate installations of hand-colored and hand torn intaglio prints on Loktah paper by Jill Parisi.

Dornith Doherty: Archiving Australia

Doherty used on-site x-ray equipment to photograph native, rare and critically threatened plants located throughout the Australian continent. In this body of work, Doherty continues […]

Keith Carter: Ghostland

Carter’s new work uses wet plate collodian process to explore the flora, fauna, and folklore of swamplands in the American.

Seven Artists

An exhibition that brings together seven gallery artists whose work differs in form and concept.

If You Cut It, They Will Come

McMurtrey Gallery’s group exhibition features artists who all utilize elements of collage to inspire and create their work. From paper and paint to solid steel […]

Murielle White: Indo Mix

Murielle White’s paintings delve into different worlds. Born and raised in Paris, France and moving to the United States to attend college, White’s paintings are […]

David Halliday: Portal

David Halliday’s still life photographs of coastal and maritime objects such as life preservers to crab catchers are reminiscent of Dutch painting. In Portal, Halliday imbues his subjects […]

Sarah Williams: 30 Miles Between

Paintings of vacant buildings and darkened skies likened to Edward Hopper and Ed Ruscha, often depicting rural scenes of both Texas and Missouri.

Robert Kinsell: Object Lessons

Narrative paintings invite the viewer to participate in a new world of the artists’ making. Beautifully rendered, Kinsell transforms the traditional landscape and still life […]

Three of a Kind

Seven gallery artists who have each created three individual works.

Troy Woods: The Story...

Wood and steel sculpture with impeccable craftsmanship. In the micro space- Troy Dugas: New Works

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