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MASS + 1

“MASS + 1 is a group show of MASS members who have each invited a +1 to show alongside or collaborate with.”


Proxemics is an exhibition featuring works by six artists “who wield the human body as a tool for communication through character creation, distortion, and documentation,”...

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Staycation 2: What in the World?

An exhibition featuring works by ten Austin-based artists, including Ryan Cronk, Dave Culpepper, Bethany Johnson, TJ Lemanski, Rebecca Marino, Bucky Miller, Landon O’Brien, Rachael Starbuck, Barry...

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Learning in Public

A series of public performances, collaborations, and community engagements by Mosaico Experiencia, Daphane Park, Saakred and Dorian Wood. “The work presented by the artists in Learning...

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Shampoo Effect

An exhibition featuring work by Yevgeniya Baras, Morgan Blair, Kari Cholnoky, Scott Eastwood, Charlotte Hallberg, Christian Newby, Lauren Silva, Jennifer Sullivan, and Rachel Williams. “Utilizing fabric,...

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End of the Whirld

An exhibition featuring four artists who create work that is critical of Western culture. The show will include drawings, collage, photography, sculpture, and installations by Mike...

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House Show

A group exhibition and installation created by current MASS members.

Rural Kingdoms

An exhibition of works by Austin-based artists Will Gaynor and Adam Young. The show aims to question and expand the definition of both “rural” and...

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An exhibition featuring works by four Texas-based artists who employ narrative and story telling in their work. Featuring art by Lee Baxter Davis, Hollis Hammonds, Trenton...

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The First Horizons of Juno

An exhibition of works by Christina Coleman, Jane Hugentober, Candice Lin, Karen Lofgren, Christine Rebet, Alice Wang, and Chantal Wnuk. The show begins by looking at...

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MASS’ fourth annual Hotbox residency program featuring Kayle Karbowski (Milwaukee, WI) and Leah Shirley (New York, NY). For a month, each artist will use the gallery as...

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Extended Technique

An exhibition featuring works by David X Levine (NY, NY), Kaz Oshiro (Los Angeles, CA) and Xochi Solis (Austin, TX). The title of the show refers...

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Body Talk

An exhibition of works by Johnston Foster, Irena Jurek, and Jared Theis. Each artist explores interpretations of the natural world through anthropomorphic figures, mythological beings, and fanciful...

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An exhibition that explores differing relationships to abstraction and painting. Artists include: Jeana Baumgardner, Anthony B Creeden, Ryan Davis, Caitlin Halloran, Dan Sutherland, and Raymond Uhlir. All artists live and work...

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Maura Murnane: Fashion Island

An exhibition by Irvine, CA-based artist Maura Murnane, the first ever winner of MASS’ Solo Cup award. “Titled after ambitiously/dreamily/nostalgically-named shopping districts in the Orange County...

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Mons Dew

An exhibition of works by Patrick Berran, Melissa Brown, Andy Coolquitt, Stacy Fisher and Shara Hughes. The five artists “transform traditional techniques and everyday objects into...

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2015 Hotbox Residency

A summer residency program where the gallery is turned into a working studio space. The two artists, Josh House and Rachel Simone Weil, are both Austin-based and...

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The Front: Straight Shot

A group exhibition featuring new works by members of the New Orleans artist-run collective and gallery, The Front, which uses the form and concept of...

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Close Encounters: Fantasizing Queer History

Held in conjunction with OUTsider Festival, this panel discussion brings together artists from two current exhibitions focusing on queer(ing) history: “Friendship and Freedom” and “Gay...

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Friendship and Freedom

Contemporary queer and feminist artworks, including photos by Leah DeVun documenting her personal collection of punk friendship books; drawings from Edie Fake re-imagining the facades...

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Alien Dreamtime

Screening of the 2003 Terence McKenna film.

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