Mariago Collective

Mariago Collective

1707 Waugh

Houston, Texas 77006


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Felipe Contreras: /fell-LEE-pay/

An exhibition of self-portraits by Felipe Contreras. The works in the show examine the contrasting views between perceived “Latino” stereotypes and the artist’s life experiences.


An exhibition of arts educators based in Houston. The show features works by Marjon Aucion, Lee Carrier, Yamin Cespedes, David (Skeez181) Flores, Cavan Leerkamp, Carrie Markello,...

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The Seven Deadly Sins & Life’s Episodes

An exhibition of works by Lynet McDonald. This show is derived from the artist’s experiences and includes “dark feminist pieces incorporating symbolism that recreates intense episodes in...

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Los Desaparecidos

An exhibition exploring the violence and conflict present in Mexico. The show is curated by Lynet McDonald and includes works by Lynet McDonald, Aldo Humberto Roldan, and a...

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Connect Five

An exhibition curated by Joseph TranVan. Through the combination of graffiti, photography, pop art and illustration, this show explores Houston’s Urban Dictionary by emphasizing the mailability of...

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Kenny Lantz: Human Wishes

An exhibition exploring the concept and culture of wish-making, featuring innovative printmaking and installation by San Antonio artist Kenny Lantz.

Open Air Artfest

An open-call exhibition in which a variety of local and regional artists will share their work and artistic practices. One chosen artist will be awarded...

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LIGHTWORX: A One Night Event

A multiple projection performance by Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola in dialogue with sound artist Carlos Pozo.

Four Worlds

Kelly Moss, Brian Moss, Eric Ockrassa, and Luc Sokolowski, curated by Felipe Contreras.

Starting Gate

An interesting and unexpected grouping of printers and mid-career/established Texas artists, including Brian Curling, Francesca Fuchs, Aaron Munoz, Gissette Padilla, Tanja Softic, Julie Speed, James Surls, Takeshi Takahara and...

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Syst m

A group exhibition featuring new works by Tim Glover, Kia Neill, Katherine Veneman, Tim Walker and Rachel Ziegler which explores systems and pattern within a...

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