Mariago Collective

1707 Waugh

Houston, Texas 77006

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Fantastic Imagination: Fighting Complacency

Mariago Collective

October 25 - November 29, 2014

Curator Felipe Contrera says, “What interests me personally about these artworks is first and foremost its accessibility to sensual perception, the necessity and specific qualities of the chosen medium and the artistic form.” Artists: David S. Cobb, Steve Neves, Gabriel Prusmack and Michael Cody White.


Four Worlds

Kelly Moss, Brian Moss, Eric Ockrassa, and Luc Sokolowski, curated by Felipe Contreras.

Starting Gate

An interesting and unexpected grouping of printers and mid-career/established Texas artists, including Brian Curling, Francesca Fuchs, Aaron Munoz, Gissette Padilla, Tanja Softic, Julie Speed, James Surls, Takeshi Takahara and […]

Syst m

A group exhibition featuring new works by Tim Glover, Kia Neill, Katherine Veneman, Tim Walker and Rachel Ziegler which explores systems and pattern within a […]