Mariago Collective

1707 Waugh

Houston, Texas 77006

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LIGHTWORX: A One Night Event

A multiple projection performance by Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola in dialogue with sound artist Carlos Pozo.

Fantastic Imagination: Fighting Complacency

Curator Felipe Contrera says, “What interests me personally about these artworks is first and foremost its accessibility to sensual perception, the necessity and specific qualities […]

Four Worlds

Kelly Moss, Brian Moss, Eric Ockrassa, and Luc Sokolowski, curated by Felipe Contreras.

Starting Gate

An interesting and unexpected grouping of printers and mid-career/established Texas artists, including Brian Curling, Francesca Fuchs, Aaron Munoz, Gissette Padilla, Tanja Softic, Julie Speed, James Surls, Takeshi Takahara and […]

Syst m

A group exhibition featuring new works by Tim Glover, Kia Neill, Katherine Veneman, Tim Walker and Rachel Ziegler which explores systems and pattern within a […]