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Donald Moffett: head.

Lora Reynolds Gallery

November 20 - January 17, 2015

Texan-born Moffett returns again, this time for his first solo presentation at Lora Reynolds, to show more of his projection paintings. For the works in head., Moffett projects a video image of a head onto each large, monochromatic painting in the show. The camera slowly circles the figure to present an omnidirectional impression of the subject’s head, collapsing the tropes of painting, video, photography, and sculpture into a single, new form of portraiture.


Tom Molloy: Lucid

Lora Reynolds presents graphite drawings by Irish artist Tom Molloy.

Photography in the Abstract

Curated by New York-based, independent curator Maureen Mahony, Photography in the Abstract is a group exhibit featuring work from the 1930s to the present that […]

Summer Show

Lora Reynolds offers up a great group summer show, featuring work by Oliver Boberg, Benjamin Butler, Mads Lynnerup, Roy McMakin, Tom Molloy, Niamh O’Malley, Jim […]

Francesca Gabbiani: Once We Were Trees

For something diferent, check out Gabbiani‘s newly published wallpaper, presented as a backdrop for her intricate cut-paper collage, acrylic, and gauche pieces. Another great show […]

Jim Torok: Life is Good

Torok swings from witty, cartoonish drawings to thoughtful portraits in oil and graphite. But believe us, you won’t mind. It’s all good.

Mads Lynnerup

If the work on his website is any indication, Mads Lynnerup’s show at Lora Reynolds should be fantastic. Lynnerup is a Danish goofball with an […]

Roy McMakin

McMakin's furniture and architecture work has been in the press a lot lately. It'll be interesting to see what LRG has in this show.

Summer Show

Summer is here, and so is the ubiquitous Summer Group Show! Lora Reynolds is no exception and includes some new faces as well as some […]

Tom Molloy: Lone Star

Molloy was born in Ireland where he is a professor at Burren College of Art. Come out to the opening and meet him!

Eastern European Painting Now

Curator, critic and proffesor at Oxford University, Jane Neal presents four young artists from Eastern Europe. Get to know Slawomir Elsner, Adrian Ghenie, Serban Savu, […]

William Eggleston: Cadillac

Reynolds presents 13 large-scale square-format color photographs from the series Cadillac. The images date from 1966-1971 but were not printed until 1999, so make sure […]