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Xavier Schipani

Lora Reynolds Gallery

June 30 - September 1, 2018

An exhibition of "murals, paintings on canvas, and a sculptural installation masquerading as a public bathroom" by Xavier Schipani.


Mariah Robertson: Fun Packed Holiday

An exhibition of photographs by Mariah Robertson. Robertson creates camera-less photograms and prints made by manipulating light-sensitive paper with darkroom chemistry. The show will also include her...

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Tom Molloy: Black and White

In his newest body of work, Irish artist Tom Molloy “explores race–the social construct central to much of the injustice and inequality in America. In Black...

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Ellsworth Kelly: Prints

An exhibition featuring lithographs Ellsworth Kelly created from 1966 to 2012.

Hubbard / Birchler: Night Shift

A screening of Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler’s film Night Shift (2006). “Night Shift comprises four one-sided conversations between Sam–an older police officer–and four rookie cops.”

Kay Rosen: Jumbo Mumbo

A show of paintings and drawings by Kay Rosen. The artist creates meticulous compositions out of ubiquitous words and phrases.

Catherine Lee: Time

A show of sculptures by artist Catherine Lee. The pieces resemble archaeological objects and are inspired by the way humans relate to the world around them.

Bing Wright: Selected Work 2010-2017

A show of photographs by Bing Wright. The works in the exhibition explore both nature and the history of the photographic process.

Ben Durham: John

A show of new works on paper by Ben Durham. The three large-scale drawings in the exhibition take their imagery from a single Department of Corrections mugshot.

Lucas Simões: White Lies

An exhibition of sculptures by São Paulo-based artist Lucas Simões. The multimedia works in the show stand without internal supports or glue—they are held together only by...

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The Haas Brothers: Animalia

An exhibition of sculpture, drawings, and a mural by the Haas Brothers. Flirting the line between function and luxury objects, the brothers create objects that seem...

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Rosy Keyser: Half-Light Periscope

An exhibition of paintings by New York-based artist Rosy Keyser. The works in the show combine house paint, sawdust, minerals, and steel.

Richard Forster: Levittown

An exhibition of works by Richard Forster. The show is comprised of drawings, wallpaper, and a neon installation that explore three places: Levittown, the former German Democratic Republic,...

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Frank Selby: High Writer

An exhibition of new drawings and paintings by North Carolina-based artist Frank Selby. In his work, Selby sources images from “classic films, modernist architecture, domestic products,...

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Carl Hammoud: Anti Image

An exhibition of new paintings by Stockholm-based artist Carl Hammoud. The works in the show reference private domestic space, depicting objects as stand-ins for the person they...

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An exhibition featuring work by nine Brazilian artists, including Alexandre da Cunha, Marcius Galan, Fernanda Gomes, Jac Leirner, Rodrigo Matheus, Ana Mazzei, Maria Nepomuceno, Lucas...

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Roy McMakin

An exhibition of new drawings by Roy McMakin. The drawings vary, with some looking like schematic technical drawings, and others appearing decorative, “unambiguously meant to hang...

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Now I See the Secret of Making

A group exhibition consisting of textiles and paintings by Fergus Feehily, Sheila Hicks, and Julia Rommel. The works within the show are largely process-based and highlight their...

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Noriko Ambe: Satellite View

An exhibition of paper sculpture and video by New York-based artist Noriko Ambe inspired by the open, desert vistas and dramatic geological formations the artist...

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Tom Sachs: Nuggets

An exhibition of sculptures by New York artist Tom Sachs, who also has a retrospective exhibition at the Contemporary Austin.

Tony de los Reyes: Border Theory

In works from his colorscale series, Los Angeles artist Tony de los Reyes has silkscreened topographical satellite photos of the US/Mexico border on dyed linen...

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Arlene Shechet: Blockbuster

Odd beauty in this exhibition of sculptures and drawings by artist Arlene Shechet, whose figurative, architectural, and organic forms all seem on the verge of...

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Donald Moffett: head.

Texan-born Moffett returns again, this time for his first solo presentation at Lora Reynolds, to show more of his projection paintings. For the works in...

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