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Now I See the Secret of Making

Lora Reynolds Gallery

September 12 - November 7, 2015

A group exhibition consisting of textiles and paintings by Fergus Feehily, Sheila Hicks, and Julia Rommel. The works within the show are largely process-based and highlight their own method of creation.


Noriko Ambe: Satellite View

An exhibition of paper sculpture and video by New York-based artist Noriko Ambe inspired by the open, desert vistas and dramatic geological formations the artist […]

Tom Sachs: Nuggets

An exhibition of sculptures by New York artist Tom Sachs, who also has a retrospective exhibition at the Contemporary Austin.

Tony de los Reyes: Border Theory

In works from his colorscale series, Los Angeles artist Tony de los Reyes has silkscreened topographical satellite photos of the US/Mexico border on dyed linen […]

Arlene Shechet: Blockbuster

Odd beauty in this exhibition of sculptures and drawings by artist Arlene Shechet, whose figurative, architectural, and organic forms all seem on the verge of […]

Donald Moffett: head.

Texan-born Moffett returns again, this time for his first solo presentation at Lora Reynolds, to show more of his projection paintings. For the works in […]

Summer Show

A group show including Colby Bird, Richard Forster, Roy McMakin, Frank Selby, and a selection of other gallery artists.

Tom Molloy: Native

An exhibition of drawings, photographs, and a sculpture. This is the artist’s fifth solo show at the gallery.  

Alexandra Grant: Century of the Self

Grant uses language, literature, and exchanges with writers as the basis for her paintings, drawings, and sculptures.  
Curated by Sarah Bancroft.

personal, political, mysterious

This is the second iteration of this exhibition. The first appeared at FLAG Art Foundation (New York). Now, the all star group exhibition of work by […]

The New Sincerity

Lora Reynolds presents The New Sincerity, a group exhibition of work by Florian Baudrexel, Colby Bird, Rosy Keyser, Roy McMakin, Julia Rommel, and Fabrice Samyn. […]

Jason Middlebrook: The Line That Divides Us

Lora Reynolds presents The Line That Divides Us, a project room exhibition of new work by Jason Middlebrook. This is the artist’s first solo presentation […]

Graham Dolphin: RIP

Lora Reynolds announces RIP, an exhibition of new work by Graham Dolphin. This is the artist’s first solo presentation at Lora Reynolds Gallery. The show […]

Richard Forster and Ewan Gibbs

Graphite drawings on paper by friends who both use a camera, the Internet, pencils, and paper to investigate and continually reappraise their respective interests, concerns, […]

Colby Bird: A Selection of House Lamps

30 lamps from the original installation of 100 presented at Texas State University. Each lamp is handmade: light bulbs painstakingly married with objects like bricks, […]

Tom Molloy: New World

Nine different LP sleeves from recordings of Dvořák’s New World Symphony whose text has been painted to blend in with the cover image. As with […]

Mads Lynnerup: Help is on the way

Lynnerup’s work wryly engages and analyzes built environments and the widely accepted social behavior inherent in them in order to get at larger issues of […]

Out of Place

Lora Reynolds Gallery features a group exhibition, Out of Place, curated by Noah Simblist. The exhibition features six international artists including Yael Bartana, Nida Sinnokrot, […]

Ewan Gibbs: Here and There

British artist Ewan Gibbs’s unleashes his third solo exhibition of work at Lora Reynolds Gallery in Here and There. Gibbs reveals travel destinations, urban facades […]

Tony Feher: Project Room

Lora Reynolds Gallery features the work of Texas born, New York based artist, Tony Feher in their Project Room. Feher’s sculptures are comprised of plastic […]


Lora Reynolds Gallery is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition with Illinois-based artist Conrad Bakker. RELAX AND TAKE YOUR FUCKING TIME includes carved and […]

Cordy Ryman: Scrapple

Lora Reynolds Gallery announces the first solo exhibition of new works by New York based artist, Cordy Ryman, entitled Scrapple. Rooted loosely in minimalism and […]

Francesca Gabbiani: Dream Baby Dream

Los Angeles based artist, Francesca Gabbiani, is back at Lora Reynolds Gallery with her third solo exhibition of new works. Titled Dream Baby Dream, Gabbiani’s […]

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