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Pablove Shutterbugs Gallery Show

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May 24 - 27, 2018

"Pablove Shutterbugs, the arts education program of The Pablove Foundation, teaches children and teens living with cancer to develop their creative voice through photography. This exhibit features the work of the foundation's students and raises awareness of childhood cancer."


Influences: Clara Newby

An exhibition documenting the many influences that have shaped artist Clara Newby’s work.

Anissa Bryant: Seascapes

“Seascapes is an exploration of the intrinsic loneliness of humanity, the vastness of the oceans, and the interconnectivity of life with water.”

PrintAustin Invitational: Flux

An exhibition exploring how artists have manipulated the printmaking process of serigraphy. The show includes works by Essentials Creative, Mirjam Dijkema, Nansi Guevara, and Michael Menchaca.

Artifacts of Human Trafficking

Artifacts of Human Trafficking is an installation created by Austin artist Amie Stone King. The show also includes juried, 2-D mixed media works from artists around...

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Heads in the Cloud

A show of works by Jeffrey Butterworth. The artist describes his work as “somewhere between Raymond Pettibon and The Far Side.”

EAST @ Link & Pin Gallery

A show featuring works by David Parsons, Lyle Adair, Connie Miller, Jill Robinson, Marcy Ann Villafana, Kali Parsons, Jan Pomeroy, and Pete Holland.

Chrome to Canvas

A show of new paintings by Austin-based artist Shan Fannin.

Kiah Denson: The Little Things

A show of small, abstract drawings by Kiah Denson. The works in the exhibition are inspired by nature.

Emily Rankin: Verstehen

For this exhibition, Emily Rankin is presenting performances that show the creation of art in front of a live audience. The show includes both sound and...

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Jim Dougherty: A Retrospective

An exhibition of black and white selenium-toned gelatin silver prints by photographer Jim Dougherty.

Rob Pepper: Doxology

A series of large-scale drawings by British artist Rob Pepper. “Each piece in this series is a redrawing of cathedral windows Pepper found in his native...

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Print Austin Invitational 2017

An exhibition of works by members of the Houston organization PrintMatters. Artists include Andis Applewhite, Luisa Duarte, Helen Gerritzen, Cathie Kayser, Suzanne Manns, and Anna Mavromatis.

Sarah Presson: Figment

An installation of set pieces, sounds works, and video projections. This exhibition will also feature a play by En Route Productions. There will also be an...

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Merry Printmas

A show of prints and illustrations by six artists.

East Austin Tour Invitational

A show featuring works by Clara Newby, Connie Miller, Jill Robinson, Kathi Herrin, Leslie Kell, Marcy Villafana, Maria Lyle, Melanie Hickerson, Neena Buxani, Pete Holland, and...

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Sound Visual

An exhibition combining sound and visual art.

To Show or be Shown

A juried exhibition of works by members of The Creative Arts Society.

Narratives of the Desert

An exhibition of photographs by Andrew Fritz and Josh Baker. Works in the show document the people and places during the duo’s retreat to Langtry, Texas.

Thresholds and Shadow Maps

An exhibition by childhood friends Miriam Conner and Sania Tamimi. Combining two exhibitions previously shown separately, Thresholds and Shadow Maps explore light and darkness through works...

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Pixels & Patina

An exhibition featuring photographic collages by Leslie Kell and copper sculptures by Lyle Adair.

Print Austin Invitational: Layers

An exhibition curated by Elvia Perrin and featuring the work of Brad Tucker, Cassie White, Joan Winter and Ken Wood.

Kiah Denson: BURST

An exhibition of works by Kiah Denson. The artist’s process for creating works is a “transfer and release of invisible, internal energy onto a visible, external...

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Chesiel John and Christopher Newland

An exhibition of works by Chesiel John and Christopher Newland. Through assemblages, John draws inspiration from musicians, while Newland seeks to understand the world through the artistic...

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