LCD Gallery

LCD Gallery


114 Main St., 5th Floor

Houston, Texas 77002


Art & Currency - Artistic Reinterpretation of Cash and Coins

LCD Gallery

November 9 - March 31, 2018

"In its most basic form, Art & Currency starts a conversation — about the value of money and art, about the aesthetics of worth, about the importance of beauty and utility. Many of the works from these artists combine currencies from all over the world in just one piece – making the currencies inclusive to one another and allowing them to co-exist and be rearranged, to work together as a whole."The show includes works by: Robin Clark Jason Hughes Justine Smith Oriane Stender Finn Stone Bran Symondson Dan Tague Lauren V. Tickle Mark Wagner Stacey Lee Webber Robert Wechsler C.K. Wilde


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