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Lawndale Live

Lawndale Art Center

November 11 - December 22, 2016

"Lawndale Live is a live show filmed weekly in front of a studio audience at Lawndale Art Center. Lawndale Live is directed by Phillip Pyle, II and hosted by Maurice Duhon, Jr.; Stephen Wilson serves as set designer and Jawwaad Taylor as music director."All show times are from 7 to 7:45 PM Doors open at 6 PM All episodes will be available online. For a full list of guests, go here.

Double Digits: Lawndale's Artist Studio Program, 10 Years and Counting

Lawndale Art Center

November 11 - December 22, 2016

An exhibition looking back at the past ten years of Lawndale's studio program. Artists who have been Lawndale residents: Dawolu Jabari Anderson Domokos Benczédi Josh Bernstein Dawn Black Bradly Brown JooYoung Choi Kevin Curry Lina Dib Nancy Douthey Amber Eagle Hillerbrand + Magsamen Donna Huanca Danny Kerschen El Franco Lee II Lynne McCabe Daniel McFarlane Cobra McVey Nick Meriwether Seth Mittag Shayne Murphy Jim Nolan Teresa O'Connor Emily Peacock David Politzer Anne J. Regan Stephanie Saint Sanchez Anthony Thompson Shumate Anthony Sonnenberg Patrick Turk David Waddell

ART21 Season 8 Screening

Lawndale Art Center

September 22 - December 15, 2016

Lawndale hosts a free screening of Season 8 of Art in the Twenty-First Century. Season 8 features sixteen artists from four cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Vancouver.

Russell Etchen: About ___ Rocks

Lawndale Art Center

February 27 - January 16, 2017

Etchen says the mural "represent[s] Us, You, Me. How so many of our lives have been distilled to one box or another. How individualism is an illusion. How we're parts of a bigger whole. How we've actually become digital heads-in-a-box-The Profile Picture. An avatar on screen. Floating EYES looking at everything."


Joe Wooten: Mystic Dumb-Dumb

An exhibition of new collages by artist Joe Wooten. In his works, Wooten uses dyed and cut paper to create cartoonish figures that confront the viewer.


An exhibition curated by James Scheuren. For the show, Scheuren reached out to artists he knows and asked them to “propose one artist with whom they have...

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The Big Show

Lawndale’s annual open-call juried show. This year’s jurors were Tina Kukielski, Executive Director of ART21 in New York, and Apsara DiQuinzio, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art...

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Alex Goss: May-Can-Will

An exhibition by Alex Goss. The show aims to transform the gallery into a space referencing public restrooms, challenging the viewers to navigate unfamiliar surroundings.

Surface Dwellers

An exhibition of works by Samantha Persons & Christopher Wallace. The two artists use hand-drawn images and patterns to create drawings that explore notions of narrative, pattern and...

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An exhibition featuring works by Lawndale Artist Studio Program participants Bradly Brown, Cobra McVey and Anthony Sonnenberg.


“A new program initiative that re-envisions Lawndale’s “Speakeasy” series that took place from 1993-2002. This series will cast a reflexive eye on Lawndale’s historical relationship...

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Hillerbrand+Magsamen: Gift Shop

An exhibition of consumer items and memorabilia from Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s Higher Ground project. Higher Ground is a video commissioned by the Houston Airport Systems in which a suburban family builds...

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An exhibition of works that explore various sub-cultures and events. The show is curated by Britt Thomas and features photographs of Wild West reenactments by Jeremiah Ariaz,...

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A “performance-art-sculpture” installed on Lawndale’s lawn. “The project will involve the creation of numerous small-scale structures each one timed, designed and tuned to attract, interface,...

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Georgia Carter: Grisaille

An exhibition of drawings and inkjet prints by Georgia Carter. For the works, Carter digitally alters photos of grisaille, french decorative wallpaper, and then re-draws the pixelated...

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Jorge Galván Flores: Alkanzíyya

A tableau by artist Jorge Galván Flores. The piece “thinks about the connections between citizenship and sexuality, specifically how personal desire might be linked to self-preservation...

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An exhibition of works by Almendra Castillo, Cinthia Gomez & Yma Luis. The show is process-based: the artists attempted “to recreate a single body of work...

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Randy Bolton: Flicker + Fade

An exhibition of sculptural print installations by artist Randy Bolton. By distressing and reassembling objects, Bolton attempts to create a story using unrelated images.

Jason Urban: A Library for Soft Rains

An exhibition of work inspired by a chapter from Raymond Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. “The various pieces in the exhibit process the Bradbury story through a range...

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Candace Hicks: Read Me

An exhibition that asks the viewer to solve clues and find the solution to the puzzle within the show. The works consist of optical illusions...

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Emily Fleisher: Bread, Bath and Beyond

“Emily Fleisher’s work highlights potential moments of spirituality and meditation within the home – specifically focusing on the bathroom and kitchen.  Imagery is appropriated from...

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28th Annual Día de los Muertos

Almost three decades ago, Lawndale started handing out small 8 x 10” tins and inviting artists to create small works inspired by the traditional Latin...

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The Beauty is Broken

A solo exhibition in which Camille Warmington uses family photos to regain her memory after the death of her mother.

Studio Junkies

An exhibition of paintings by Kay Sarver that offers a window into the lives of Houston artists. Sarver highlights individual creators, showing that they are a vital part...

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Specter Field

A collaborative project between Harold Mendez and Ronny Quevedo. The artists will spread water and graphite over the floor of the gallery, from which sculptures and...

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Jonathan Leach: Ghost Grid

Houston artist Jonathan Leach has transformed Lawndale Art Center‘s large, north-facing wall with his brand of bright colors and geometric lines and angles.

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