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Layla Luna: I Saw Noboday Coming, So I Went Instead

Lawndale Art Center

November 17 - January 7, 2018

"With the mixed media works of I Saw Nobody Coming, So I Went Instead, Layla Luna explores personal histories through personal collections. Building her own collections to document time and create stories in a pro-active manner Luna questions our reasoning for holding on to objects and creating our own collections and displays of those items; is it the object its self or the haunt of the memory tied to the object?"

Meredith Butch Jack: Playing in the Sandbox Too

Lawndale Art Center

November 17 - January 7, 2018

"In his site-specific installations, Meredith "Butch" Jack constructs structural and sculptural vignettes from common materials. Playing in the Sandbox Too highlights the alternate use of those daily materials towards the same concerns of his more commercial works: small mysteries; personal loss; physical tension, imbalance, or peril; and mortality."

Lynn Randolph: Between Worlds

Lawndale Art Center

October 6 - January 21, 2018

"Between Worlds responds to Lynn Randolph's ongoing work with palliative care patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Comprised of approximately twenty drawings, these painstakingly rendered works deftly combine elements of the weird and scientific with acute psychological and metaphoric realism and builds bridges to the spiritual." The show is curated by Susie Kalil.


30th Annual Día de los Muertos

An event celebrating Día de los Muertos. In addition to films and community programs, the show will feature retablos designed by local artists.

Katherine Trimble: Touch Box

Touch Box is an immersive site-specific installation by Houston artist and musician Katherine Trimble.

Sterling Allen: Backdrop & Blocker

“In this solo presentation by Sterling Allen, the Austin-based artist creates a site-specific sculpture-based installation that activates sight lines, architectural relationships, hanging conventions, and spatial...

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whole wide water

“whole wide water is an ongoing collaboration between writer Lindsay Kayser and multidisciplinary artist Anthony Barilla. whole wide water encompasses a variety of projects, transmitted...

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The Big Show

It’s that time again: Lawndale’s Big Show is back! This year’s iteration, which features nearly 200 works, was juried by Toby Kamps. Artists in the show...

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Nick Barbee: Marfacello (JefferJudd)

An exhibition of works by Galveston-based artist Nick Barbee. Using Thomas Jefferson and Donald Judd as starting points, this show explores space, memory, history, and landscape.

2017 Artist Studio Program

An exhibition featuring works made by Lawndale’s 2017 resident artists Melinda Laszczynski, Randi Long, and Sarah Welch. The show is curated by Dean Daderko.

Denise Liebl: Hold

An exhibition of monoprints by Denise Liebl. “Through repetition, Liebl abstracts the architecture of a single cube and allows tonal shifts between the works to speak...

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2017 CORE Exhibition

This year’s MFAH Glassell School of Art Core Program exhibition will be held at Lawndale. The show features art by Tsuyoshi Anzai, Adam Crosson, Shana Hoehn, Yue...

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Art Swap

Trade artworks, tools and services with other artists and creatives at Lawndale!

Lawndale Artist Studio Program Info Session

Join Lawndale Artist Studio Program Director Lily Cox-Richard and Lawndale staff as they review changes to the application and submission process, answer questions, and share their plans for...

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Irene Reece: Mon Frère

In Mon Frère, Houston artist Irene Reece explores the way the world sees her brother, a man with special needs, and the people who care for him.

Play It as It Lays

An exhibition curated by José Guadalupe Garza and featuring works by Margaux Crump, Marie Bannerot McInerney, and Gillian Tobin. The artists in the show address themes...

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R. Eric McMaster: A Routine in Parts

A show of works by Austin-based artist R. Eric McMaster. Central to this exhibition is a video by the artist documenting dancers executing a two-person routine without...

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Glenn Downing: Pulltight, Texas

An exhibition of works by Glenn Downing. The pieces in the show are inspired by Downing’s life and travels.

Lawndale Live

“Lawndale Live is a live show filmed weekly in front of a studio audience at Lawndale Art Center. Lawndale Live is directed by Phillip Pyle,...

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ART21 Season 8 Screening

Lawndale hosts a free screening of Season 8 of Art in the Twenty-First Century. Season 8 features sixteen artists from four cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico...

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Joe Wooten: Mystic Dumb-Dumb

An exhibition of new collages by artist Joe Wooten. In his works, Wooten uses dyed and cut paper to create cartoonish figures that confront the viewer.


An exhibition curated by James Scheuren. For the show, Scheuren reached out to artists he knows and asked them to “propose one artist with whom they have...

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Russell Etchen: About ___ Rocks

Etchen says the mural “represent[s] Us, You, Me. How so many of our lives have been distilled to one box or another. How individualism is an...

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