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Stephanie Patton: Synthetic Happiness

Lawndale Art Center

January 23 - February 28, 2015

Exploring the issues and impacts of mental health and medical treatment, Stephanie Patton’s Project Space exhibition includes padded vinyl, quilted mattress pieces, and video works alluding to emotional states.

Jed Foronda: Day Dreams

Lawndale Art Center

January 23 - February 28, 2015

Jed Foronda carves organic, abstract patterns into the surfaces of paper mediums– from Art Forums to Playboys–subverting and transforming cultural memory.

Ryder Richards: The Idyll

Lawndale Art Center

January 23 - February 28, 2015

Richards’ installation–an information temple complete with security cameras, projections, and panels with unintelligible text and formulas–promises dissolution of self for communality. Surrender your identity.

{exurb} Topologies

Lawndale Art Center

January 23 - February 28, 2015

Johnny DiBlasi, Stephen Kraig, Patrick Renner, and Eric Todd explore space as a medium in this site-specific, kinetic and data-driven installation.


Candace Hicks: Compositions

Hick’s embroidered book, String Theory, is part pseudo-scientific humor, part genuine awe. New prints resolve the abstract patterns on the covers of cheap composition books […]

Leslie Mutchler: TrendFACTORY

Mutchler explores issues of hand(craft), labor and the repetition of memes in the virtual world. Hand-manufactured objects focus on ways in which a controlled community, […]

Lawndale Design Fair 2012

Vintage modern objects and cutting-edge contemporary design will be available for purchase all weekend from 10am-5pm.

Design Fair Talk: Evan Lobel

Evan Lobel, founder of Lobel Modern, of New York,  discusses the ground breaking designs of Karl Springer, Philip and Kelvin Laverne and Ward Bennett in […]

TJ Hunt: Breaking Ground

TJ Hunt attempts to place her work in dialogue with canonical artworks of the past in order to examine her own position in an art […]

Jade Walker: Contact

An array of Walker’s sexualized fuzzy fabric characters, plagued by physical breakdown, or, in other words, “a personal struggle with spectatorship, binaries within gender, abstraction, […]

This Weird Place

Kinda-sorta figurative art with a decidedly unsettled edge. Described by curator Sebastian Forray as a “flaying” of representation, a “dissection” of abstraction, new works by […]

GENDER Book Project Bookstorming

A community editing party with Boston Davis Bostian, Jay Mays, and Robin Mack, creators of the GENDER book, “a fun, colorful, community-based resource that illustrates […]

Ballast/Break - Alexis Granwell & Carrie Scanga

Granwell delves into the city’s grit and substance by incorporating handmade paper, found objects, and raw materials to create sculptures that evoke primitive architecture. Scanga‘s […]

Curt Gambetta: Office Lights

A 2×4’office ceiling grid containing 12 fluorescent troffer lights that illuminate the empty space behind Lawndale Art Center by Buffalo NY, architect/writer Curt Gambetta, a […]

24th Annual Día de los Muertos Retablo Exhibition

Landale’s big, annual open call, non-juried fundraiser, celebrating the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos by making and  buying contemporary interpretations of retablos on […]

Britt Ragsdale: Screen Test

Video artist Britt Ragsdale, recent CultureMap People’s Choice Award Winner at the 2011 Big Show, is holding an open screen test in Lawndale’s room 317. […]

Lawndale Artist Studio Program: Slide Talk

Lawndale Artist Studio Program participants Seth Mittag, David Politzer and Anne J. Regan present their work and their plans for their residencies at Lawndale.

Daniel Anguilu: Famous Monsters

Opening along with the indoor exhibitions at Lawndale, Daniel Anguilu’s huge mural Famous Monsters will be on view on Lawndale’s north exterior wall through June […]

Jeff Forster: Detritus

Archaic, rudimentary forms in re-claimed building materials and concrete make direct reference to structures we build and what remains of them once they’re abandoned. Skinned […]

Mark Ponder: A Time to Celebrate

In the Project Space, Mark Ponder explores an unsatisfactory use of celebration to cope with death in contemporary funeral rituals. A Time to Celebrate strives […]

Joel Hernandez: Mexicanos

Hernandez stages re-creations of Mexican and Mexican-American culture based on his memories, word of mouth, and Spanish television.


With a curator, a consulting curator, two project advisors and seventeen artists, Lawndale is the first stop of what is to be a three-city junket […]