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The Big Show 2015

Lawndale Art Center

July 10 - August 8, 2015

An annual open-call, juried exhibition, this year featuring works by 62 artists selected by juror George Scheer, co-founder of Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC.

Jonathan Leach: Ghost Grid

Lawndale Art Center

March 13 - January 9, 2016

Houston artist Jonathan Leach has transformed Lawndale Art Center‘s large, north-facing wall with his brand of bright colors and geometric lines and angles.


Keliy Anderson-Staley: Found Unfound

An exhibition by Keliy Anderson-Staley addressing themes of inheritance, lineage, and family lore, and narrative potential of photography by re-staging the artist’s search for a […]

Isabel Cuenca: Satis House

An exhibition of collages, paper constructs, and painting assemblages by artist Isabel Cuenca exploring decay after loss.

Liz Rodda: Total Body

An exhibition of work by artist Liz Rodda incorporating a sea of collected video clips from TV, music videos, and vlogs, with spoken text by […]

Design Fair 2015

The Design Fair 2015 features examples of both cutting-edge contemporary and vintage design­–furniture, glass, ceramics, lighting, books, metalwork and fashion–with designers and vendors on hand. […]

Erin Stafford: Tongue-and-Groove

Artist Erin Stafford’s parquet floor installation undulates from underneath to create an uncanny visual experience.

Anthony Sonnenberg: With Wild Abandon

Ranging from porcelain works to performance, artist Anthony Sonnenberg’s art marks his path to understanding the effects of indulgence.

On Plasticity: Poetics of the Built

This show of objects and images by artists Adam Crosson, Jonas Hart, and James Scheuren observes actions and systems of choice.

Jason Flowers: 8 Ohms

In artist Jason Flowers’ interactive installation, eight cassette decks sound harmoniously together  until a viewer approaches one of the individual decks and “distracts” it to […]

Stephanie Patton: Synthetic Happiness

Exploring the issues and impacts of mental health and medical treatment, Stephanie Patton’s Project Space exhibition includes padded vinyl, quilted mattress pieces, and video works […]

Jed Foronda: Day Dreams

Jed Foronda carves organic, abstract patterns into the surfaces of paper mediums– from Art Forums to Playboys–subverting and transforming cultural memory.

Ryder Richards: The Idyll

Richards’ installation–an information temple complete with security cameras, projections, and panels with unintelligible text and formulas–promises dissolution of self for communality. Surrender your identity.

{exurb} Topologies

Johnny DiBlasi, Stephen Kraig, Patrick Renner, and Eric Todd explore space as a medium in this site-specific, kinetic and data-driven installation.

Lauren Moya Ford: Time Front

Austin-based artist Lauren Moya Ford borrows from the “window splash” style of sign painting to place hyperbolic, time-based terms on each of Lawndale’s Main Street […]


Questioning how freeways have impacted art making—whether as inspiration, antagonist, or more neutrally as platform or stage—curators Joshua Fischer and Katia Zavistovski feature a broad […]

27th Annual Día de los Muertos

Almost three decades ago, Lawndale started handing out small 8 x 10” tins and inviting artists to create small works inspired by the traditional Latin […]

The BIG Show 2014

Whee!! It’s time for Houston’s favorite spaghetti-thrown-at-the-wall hodgepodge of local art. Let’s go see what sticks! This year’s juror was Erin Elder, visual arts director […]

2014-2015 Exhibition Season Preview

Lawndale’s Programming Committee will present a preview their 2014-2015 exhibition season, which includes work by Texas Sculpture Group, Bryan Gardner, Regan Golden-McNerney, Margaret Smithers-Crump, Mari […]


Just in time for summer, here comes an environmental social sculpture inspired by research stations in Antarctica. Two Santa Fe-based artists, Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson, […]

Fused Dualities: Lauren Salazar

Salazar merges craft and minimal abstraction through woven installations and sculptures. Weavings are bound, bolted, and stretched onto and across frames, walls, ceilings, and floors.

Residency Exchange: Lawndale - CentralTrak

In an attempt to create an exchange between the artistic communities of Houston and Dallas, this exhibition presents an exchange between current and past residents […]

Design Fair 2014

Features examples of contemporary design, as well as vintage modern objects of the 20th century. A wide selection of curated items will be available for […]

Safe Distance: Galina Kurlat

An exhibition of large format photographs using Polaroid positive/negative black and white film. Kurlat manipulates the negatives, allowing some to degrade. In conjunction with the FotoFest […]

Love Letters in a Tree: Otis Ike & Ivete Lucas

Ike and Lucas use documentary photography and filmmaking to explore encounters with niche segments of society. This recent project consists of a photographically recorded exchange […]

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