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Lawndale Art Center

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28th Annual Día de los Muertos

Lawndale Art Center

October 19 - November 7, 2015

Almost three decades ago, Lawndale started handing out small 8 x 10” tins and inviting artists to create small works inspired by the traditional Latin American devotional art form of the same name. Always a fun show including amateurs to big names, with proceeds going towards Lawndale programming.

Jonathan Leach: Ghost Grid

Lawndale Art Center

March 13 - January 9, 2016

Houston artist Jonathan Leach has transformed Lawndale Art Center‘s large, north-facing wall with his brand of bright colors and geometric lines and angles.


Lawndale Regional Wilderness Zone

An exhibition presented by Elizabeth Eicher and Hélène Schlumberger that playfully interprets the pedagogy of the National Parks Service. Transforming the Sculpture Garden into a natural...

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A site specific installation by Melissa Borrell that turns Lawndale’s Project Space into an experiential world. This installation surrounds and engages the viewer through the interaction of...

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The Beauty is Broken

A solo exhibition in which Camille Warmington uses family photos to regain her memory after the death of her mother.

Studio Junkies

An exhibition of paintings by Kay Sarver that offers a window into the lives of Houston artists. Sarver highlights individual creators, showing that they are a vital part...

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Specter Field

A collaborative project between Harold Mendez and Ronny Quevedo. The artists will spread water and graphite over the floor of the gallery, from which sculptures and...

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The Big Show 2015

An annual open-call, juried exhibition, this year featuring works by 62 artists selected by juror George Scheer, co-founder of Elsewhere in Greensboro, NC.

Keliy Anderson-Staley: Found Unfound

An exhibition by Keliy Anderson-Staley addressing themes of inheritance, lineage, and family lore, and narrative potential of photography by re-staging the artist’s search for a...

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Isabel Cuenca: Satis House

An exhibition of collages, paper constructs, and painting assemblages by artist Isabel Cuenca exploring decay after loss.

Liz Rodda: Total Body

An exhibition of work by artist Liz Rodda incorporating a sea of collected video clips from TV, music videos, and vlogs, with spoken text by...

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Design Fair 2015

The Design Fair 2015 features examples of both cutting-edge contemporary and vintage design­–furniture, glass, ceramics, lighting, books, metalwork and fashion–with designers and vendors on hand....

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Erin Stafford: Tongue-and-Groove

Artist Erin Stafford’s parquet floor installation undulates from underneath to create an uncanny visual experience.

Anthony Sonnenberg: With Wild Abandon

Ranging from porcelain works to performance, artist Anthony Sonnenberg’s art marks his path to understanding the effects of indulgence.

On Plasticity: Poetics of the Built

This show of objects and images by artists Adam Crosson, Jonas Hart, and James Scheuren observes actions and systems of choice.

Jason Flowers: 8 Ohms

In artist Jason Flowers’ interactive installation, eight cassette decks sound harmoniously together  until a viewer approaches one of the individual decks and “distracts” it to...

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Stephanie Patton: Synthetic Happiness

Exploring the issues and impacts of mental health and medical treatment, Stephanie Patton’s Project Space exhibition includes padded vinyl, quilted mattress pieces, and video works...

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Jed Foronda: Day Dreams

Jed Foronda carves organic, abstract patterns into the surfaces of paper mediums– from Art Forums to Playboys–subverting and transforming cultural memory.

Ryder Richards: The Idyll

Richards’ installation–an information temple complete with security cameras, projections, and panels with unintelligible text and formulas–promises dissolution of self for communality. Surrender your identity.

{exurb} Topologies

Johnny DiBlasi, Stephen Kraig, Patrick Renner, and Eric Todd explore space as a medium in this site-specific, kinetic and data-driven installation.

Lauren Moya Ford: Time Front

Austin-based artist Lauren Moya Ford borrows from the “window splash” style of sign painting to place hyperbolic, time-based terms on each of Lawndale’s Main Street...

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Questioning how freeways have impacted art making—whether as inspiration, antagonist, or more neutrally as platform or stage—curators Joshua Fischer and Katia Zavistovski feature a broad...

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27th Annual Día de los Muertos

Almost three decades ago, Lawndale started handing out small 8 x 10” tins and inviting artists to create small works inspired by the traditional Latin...

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The BIG Show 2014

Whee!! It’s time for Houston’s favorite spaghetti-thrown-at-the-wall hodgepodge of local art. Let’s go see what sticks! This year’s juror was Erin Elder, visual arts director...

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