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801 Richmond Ave.

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Beverly Floyd: Lake Stories

The pieces in Lake Stories were created after occurrences the artist observed at her home in Connecticut.

Orchestra Rehearsal

An exhibition featuring works by the artists who reside in Gugging, a mental hospital outside of Vienna.

Amy C. Evans: My Houston II

An exhibition of works by Amy C. Evans. The show explores the ever-changing landscape of Houston through a “surrealist / graphic style of painting.”

Kelli S. Kelley: Silhouettes

Kelli S. Kelley on their work: “Through personal and universal icons my work explores multiple states of reality. Figures, animals, and objects appear in metaphorical...

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Katie Maratta

A show of works by Katie Maratta.

Matt Duffin

An exhibition of works by Matt Duffin. To create his paintings, Duffin coats illustration boards in black encaustic and then draws into them.

Claire Cusack: Labor of Love

An exhibition of works by Claire Cusack. Cusack often uses materials gathered from urban intersections to create unique assemblages fitted together without the use of fixatives.

Vanessa Estrada: Regard to Discard

An exhibition of work by Vanessa Estrada. Through using a variety of materials, Estrada explores how the works “can send one in another dimension by use of...

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Amy C. Evans: My Houston

A show of work by artist Amy Evans reflecting on her childhood hometown now that she’s returned to Houston after 13 years away.  

Claire Cusack: 3

Claire Cusack’s work is inspired by ordinary objects. Whether in her native texas or in her travels, she finds meaningful “trash” that she transforms into sculptures.  

Rick Beerhorst

Rick Beerhorst’s influences range from Early American Limners, the art of the Middle Ages as well as religious icons.

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Koelsch Gallery presents a group exhibit of gallery artists.


Flower based ceramic art, curated by Mallory Wetherell and Rebecca Hutchinson, in conjuction with NCECA conference.

Gail Siptak: Portals

Arch-shaped paintings that began with Siptak’s anguish over last year’s drought.

Beverly Floyd: New Works

Collages about harmonizing with nature. Bits of magazines, books, digital imagary and block prints combine with linens, hankercheifs, tea bags and beeswax to portray and...

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