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Contemporary Art Month Corpus Christi

Now in its 3rd year, CAMCC is a month of art exhibitions and events throughout the city. Complete list of exhibitions & events HERE

Joe Meiser: Final Causes

An exhibition featuring new virtual 3D images, video, and sculpture by Pennsylvania artist Joe Meiser.

ALL NUDE: Studies of the Human Form

Celebrating the tradition of life drawing, this installation lines the gallery walls with gestural human form drawings by a number of local artists. A show […]

High in Fiber

K Space Contemporary presents High in Fiber, an exhibition of contemporary fiber art. The show includes innovative versions of sewn and stuffed works of art. […]


Selected contemporary artists who live in Corpus Christi and the surrounding area, with the artist’s biographies and resumé highlights. Participating artists include:  Chris Anderson, Mateo […]

Third Coast National

Juror, and Glastire contributor, Christina Rees waded through 559 works of art submitted by 186 artists for this national juried exhibition.

Appliance Art

Artworks that incorporate  appliances, gadgets, electronic thingamajigs and battery-operated whatchamacallits. Also showing in K space’s Art Star gallery; 2012 Project Slicker:  Condom Couture for the […]

Claudia Quintero: Goodwill

Paintings of vultures on platters and other dinnerware items.  Also opening in the third floor Hot Spot Gallery: Notes to St. Peter, featuring works by […]

Art Gene: The Forsythes

Sharon, Jim and Daniel Forsythe, a family of local Corpus Christi artists at K Space’s Art Star Gallery.

Ruby Christine: Checkered Silence

A native of Corpus Christi, Ruby quietly discovered freedom in painting. Often described as naive, Ruby’s paintings are not literal or polished, but they’re big: […]

Kimberly Dolan: Sacred Garment

A series of lumpy, warty hanging sculptures covered with beef hooves, sequins, pins, feathers, ribbon, rawhide, shells, tulle, leather, and whatever else the artist happened […]

Fear & Loathing

Check out works by Rosemary Cantu, Sonya Berg, Jorge Javier Lopez, and Justin Varner in K Space Contemporary’s new exhibition Fear & Loathing. This exhibition features […]


K Space Contemporary unleashes a wild, floor-to-ceiling experience made up of "Frankensteined" stuffed animals, painted canvas, and a huge variety of other stuff. This community […]

OPP: Other People

K Space Contemporary presents the exhibition OPP: Other People’s Projections, a video installation showcasing works from John Aåsp, Christopher Lowther, John Medina, Monica Panzarino, and […]

Dennis Kemmerer: Carriers, Panels, and Culm Piles

Carriers, Panels, and Culm Piles features works by local artist Dennis Kemmerer at K Space Contemporary. By incorporating actual shipping pallets and wood veneer, Kemmerer’s […]

Chaz Boj

K Space Contemporary hosts guest lecturer Chaz Bojórquez on Friday March 26 beginning at 6pm inside the gallery. Bojórquez is a Los Angeles artist, author […]

Robert Bubp: Corpitopia

K Space Contemporary presents a multi-media installation  designed by Robert Bubp that is based on citizen’s responses and suggestions on ways to improve our city. […]

New Work 2009: K Space Artists and Friends

K Space Contemporary presents New Work 2009: K Space Artists and Friends, which was organized in cooperation with TAMU-CC’s Museum and Gallery Practices Class instructed […]