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Ran Hwang: Game of Artifice

International Museum of Art and Science

March 5 - April 5, 2015

The inaugural participant in IMAS’s Artist in Residency Program, Korean artist Ran Hwang unveils a new installation, created over the course of 19 days and with the assistance of local artists, professors, and art students.

Thresholds: Gerardo Nigenda Retrospective

International Museum of Art and Science

February 19 - June 7, 2015

Work by blind artist Gerardo Nigenda (1968-2010), who lost his sight at age 25 and began taking photographs at 32 with a camera given to him by documentarian Mary Ellen Mark. He described his photos as reflections of “what I smell, touch, and listen to,…the feeling I had when I took it.”


Graham Toms: Rio Grande

Computer animation from 3D animator and Disney Institute educator Graham Toms. For this installation, users will navigate through a virtual environment that begins with the […]

Mark Cloet: C. Stone

For over a year Mark Cloet has been working alongside UTPA professors and students, IMAS, and various members of the community. Thursday evening will be […]

Benini: New Masterworks

After eighteen years, Benini returns from the Hill Country to the International Museum of Art & Science to showcase his latest works.

Colin Christian: Fast Forward

Fiberglass and silicone sculptures, inspired by Christian’s love of old sci-fi movies, pinup girls, anime, ambient electronic music, and H.P. Lovecraft. Christian created a signature […]

Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers

Seattle-based artist/activist Chris Jordan contrasts beautiful digital images with ugly statistics on consumer waste.

Arte de la Frontera

The International Museum of Art & Science presents Arte de la Frontera, curated by IMAS Executive Director Joseph Bravo and Tom Matthews. Artists include Cande […]

Ron English: You Are Not Here

In-your-face political paintings by Ron English, some 11′ x 22′. Prepare to feel small in the face of the corporate monster!

Where I Came From by Charles Criner

The International Museum of Art & Science presents Texan-born artist Charles Criner and the selection of work in Where I Came From. Consisting of paintings […]

Kirk Clark: Metaphysikos Ignites

Kirk Clark unleashes his exhibit Metaphysikos Ignites at IMAS! Throughout this body of work, Clark captures the resonance of sound in color. Enlightened by science […]

Olmec Head # 8

Check out the new Olmec Head that is now part of the permanent collection of IMAS! A great addition to the museum and the city of […]

Pedro Meyer: Heresies

A part of IMAS’ International Exhibits Exchange Program, organized by IMAS Curator, Maria Elena Macias, Heresies presents work by Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer.

Ancient Egypt: The Quest for Eternal Life

On loan from the private collection of Giovanni Amin, this exhibit hosts a selection of beautifully duplicated Egyptian treasures such as relief panels, the inner […]

Paul Valadez: FRAGMENTS

IMAS presents a MONSTER 450 piece exhibit featuring local artist and teacher Paul Valadez. Valadez, who resides in the Rio Grande Valley and is a […]

Cande Aguilar: World Affair

Cande Aguliar’s exhibition World Affair is a collection of unique large scale paintings that simultaneously reveal contemporary human pattern and reflect the colorful neighborhoods in the […]

Black & White Redefined

Showcasing the work of artists from Northern Tamaulipas and South East Texas, this invitational bi-national exhibition features work in various media by 40 artists on […]

Torture Instruments Through the Ages

Working in conjunction with Amnesty International, Human Rights organizations, and the United Nations, IMAS‘s torture show hopes to promote "compassion, tolerance and cultural diversity."

Membranas de las Americas

IMAS presents a collaborative exhibitive of mixed media installations by Reynaldo Santiago and his daughter Julia and his son Isaac.