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Gilad Efrat: Sandwalk / Brad Tucker: Wobbles

Inman Gallery

February 28 - April 4, 2015

Two concurrent exhibitions, featuring paintings by Gilad Efrat and silkscreens by Brad Tucker.


Carlee Fernandez: Arranging Family

Carlee Fernandez’ photographs and sculptures explore personal identity by finding connections and blurred familial boundaries.

Jamal Cyrus: Melizmatik

Cyrus uses melisma, the musical technique of singing one extended syllable across several notes, as a framework to address the tonal variations of history, context […]

Jason Salavon: The Top 100,000,000

Salavon develops data sets and using homemade software, turns them into prints, videos, and installations. His programs transform collections of cable television footage, Western painting, […]

Lokalkolorit (local color)

This show grew out of a visit to Leipzig, one of Houston’s official sister cities (Karachi in Pakistan is one too!) by Kerry Inman and Lea […]

The Menil/Fiesta Project

A two-day exhibition collecting ten years of paintings based on the contents of two nearby boxlike buildings in Montrose, by University of Houston painting students […]

Jim Richard: Excuse The Mess...

Richard’s paintings seamlessly collages fine art objects into stylized 1960s and 70s living rooms. Extending this mashup to gallery and studio interiors, Richard comically probes […]

Farewell Ruins: Julia Haft-Candell and Julia Kunin

Recent ceramic-based work: Haft-Candell assembles hand-painted clay fragments, fabric surfaces, and structural wire and rebar to manifest surreal architectures. Julia Kunin aggregates casts of natural […]

Beth Secor: Trees

New paintings on paper of Texas trees, produced while the artist’s father was passing away.

Gilad Efrat: Negev

In a new series of nine paintings Efrat depicts the empty, abstract space of Israel’s southern hinterland, the Negev desert.

Art and Paper Open House

The galleries of Isabella Court welcome members and guests of ART + PAPER to a mini-gallery crawl beginning at Inman Gallery. Dena Woodall of the […]

Dana Frankfort: For the Birds

The works in Frankfort’s third solo exhibition at the gallery focus on the landscape from observation.

New Prints: Gallery Artists

Inman’s summer exhibition features new print projects by gallery artists, including David Aylsworth, Emily Joyce, Shaun O’Dell, Dario Robleto, Jason Salavon and Darren Waterston.

Brad Tucker: Pressing News

A a sprawling, complex installation entitled “Bagdad Bass Club” integrating sculptural elements with sound and video.

Demetrius Oliver: Azimuth

Recent spray-paint drawings derived from an Orrery, an installation Oliver created at D’Amelio Terras Gallery in New York last fall.

Amy Blakemore: New Pictures

In Blakemore’s images, the unsettled relationship between accident and design is accentuated by her use of idiosyncratic, low-tech, and often unpredictable cameras.

John Sonsini: New Paintings

Eleven paintings  showcase new developments in LA artist  Sonsini’s decades-long engagement with painted portraiture. In this latest work, the artist pictures men in fútbol/soccer uniforms, […]