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5320 Gulfton Street, Suite 15

Houston, Texas 77081

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RAW MATERIAL: Mari Omori, Kia Neill, and Cassie Normandy White

Hunter Gather

November 13 - January 10, 2015

Mari Omori creates wall installations and sculptures using tea bags; multi-media artist Kia Niell creates fantastical simulations of nature with watercolor and clay; and Cassie Normandy White’s biomorphic prints stem from a playful obsession with form, color and a fascination with the controlled accidents inherent to the medium.



A show about paper! Featuring works by Rix Jennings, Jon Lee, Gwendolyn Plunkett, Delaney Smith, and guest artist Curtis Gannon.

Surface Tension

Hunter Gather Project is an new alternative art space. The space’s second exhibition shows work by artists Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak, Jon Lee, Gwendolyn Plunkett, who all […]