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Geoff Hippenstiel: Purity

Holly Johnson Gallery

April 7 - June 16, 2018

An exhibition featuring large-scale oil paintings on canvas paired with small works on paper by Houston artist Geoff Hippenstiel.


Margo Sawyer: Reflect

Reflect 2017 is a new floor installation by Austin-based artist Margo Sawyer. The piece explores concepts of color, light, physicality and materials.

John Adelman: Drawing: Attn

A show of new ink drawings on canvas by Houston-based artist John Adelman. The pieces explore the material qualities of ink.

Tommy Fitzpatrick: Crystal Cities

A show of new paintings and sculptures by Texas artist Tommy Fitzpatrick. The works in the exhibition are inspired by a 1940 Frank Lloyd Wright architectural project...

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Micheal Young: Updrafts

A show of new paintings by Austin-based artist Micheal Young. The abstract, geometric pieces in the exhibition use language drawn from a variety of sources, including: Mimbres...

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Michelle Mackey: Double Take

An exhibition of new paintings by Brooklyn and Dallas-based painter Michelle Mackey. The pieces in the show “explore dream like landscapes in relationship to time and...

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William Betts: Color Space

A show of new works by Miami-based artist William Betts. The paintings in the exhibition are inspired by technological processes and created through an automated technique.

Joan Winter: Edge of Light

A show of new paintings, sculptures, and prints by Dallas artist Joan Winter. The works in the exhibition explore ideas of inquiry, time, memory, movement, and...

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Douglas Leon Cartmel: White Noise

An exhibition of new paintings by Dallas artist Douglas Leon Cartmel. While some of the works in the show draw from graphic mapping of the atmosphere, others...

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Dion Johnson: Optic Energy

A show of works by Los Angeles artist Dion Johnson. “Johnson’s paintings and works on paper combine and explore dynamic opposites: expansiveness and compression, darkness and...

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James Buss: The Poem's Four Corners

An exhibition of new works by Weatherford-based artist James Buss. In his work, the artist employs plaster and monotypes to explore slight gestures and the evocation of...

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Anna Bogatin: New Paintings

An exhibition of minimalist paintings by artist Anna Bogatin. Inspired by nature and Buddhism’s meditative aspects, New Paintings takes on themes of connecting with one’s homeland,...

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An exhibition featuring paintings by David Aylsworth, Todd Chilton, Joseph Cohen, Geoff Hippenstiel, Warren Isensee, Dion Johnson, and James Lumsden.

Matt Rich: Tilt & Table

An exhibition of painted paper constructions and gouaches by Los Angeles-based artist Matt Rich. The works are process-based and are a product of their creation.

Bret Slater

Works by Bret Slater. The artist on his process: “My work is about painting as object, and it can embody the essence of life, of a living...

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An exhibition of collages and altered book pages by Dallas-based artist Matthew Cusick. Using ephemera from daily life, Cusick examines identity while reconstructing printed matter.

My Favorite Intern

An exhibition of work by the gallery’s previous interns–all from area BFA programs. Artists include Julianne Rose Aguilar, Eva Aldridge, Megan Armstrong, Shoragim Amir, Robert...

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Todd Camplin: Contain Me

An exhibition of ink drawings by artist Todd Camplin, who uses words and phrases as starting points for his imagery.

Back & Forth: Celebrating 10 Years

A group exhibition commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Holly Johnson Gallery and featuring work by several of the gallery’s artists.

Dornith Doherty: Exchange

With the support of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Dornith Doherty traveled across the Australian continent with x-ray equipment to photograph rare and critically threatened plants. This...

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Gael Stack: Thistle

An artist whose work evokes both memory and the “gaps, sinkholes, and other chasms” found in our experiences, Gael Stack is one of the most...

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Mike Osborne: Monopoly

Mike Osborne’s Monopoly translates the game board’s Mondrian-like map into photographs that grapple with the Atlantic City’s complicated past and present. His conversion of the...

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Tommy Fitzpatrick: Gordian Knot

New paintings from Fitzpatrick. If you haven’t seen his recent stuff, go check it out. He’s moved away from skyscraper facades and is doing pretty...

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Otis Jones + Bret Slater

A continuing investigation of abstraction by both artists and the first time their works will be seen together. These painting exude an object-like physicality.

Geoff Hippenstiel: Murder Ballad

Hippenstiel’s abstract paintings, made from enamel, wax, and metallic and fluorescent paint are loosely based on photographs of people, landscapes and reproductions of well-known artworks.  

Anna Bogatin: Wanderings

Bogatin considers herself as much of a philosopher as a painter and takes her inspiration from Buddhism.

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