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Gael Stack: Thistle

Holly Johnson Gallery

November 22 - December 20, 2014

An artist whose work evokes both memory and the "gaps, sinkholes, and other chasms" found in our experiences, Gael Stack is one of the most accomplished American painters working today. In Thistle, her large canvases and smaller drawings use fragments of words and images, often layered over one another like a palimpsest, to create a visual language that explores the past's implacable hold on the present, with what is unknown and unspoken occasionally poking through.

Mike Osborne: Monopoly

Holly Johnson Gallery

October 11 - December 20, 2014

Mike Osborne’s Monopoly translates the game board's Mondrian-like map into photographs that grapple with the Atlantic City's complicated past and present. His conversion of the game into representations of actual places is absurd but serious, a means of reflecting on the problems that have plagued many American cities over the last half-century.


Tommy Fitzpatrick: Gordian Knot

New paintings from Fitzpatrick. If you haven’t seen his recent stuff, go check it out. He’s moved away from skyscraper facades and is doing pretty […]

Otis Jones + Bret Slater

A continuing investigation of abstraction by both artists and the first time their works will be seen together. These painting exude an object-like physicality.

Geoff Hippenstiel: Murder Ballad

Hippenstiel’s abstract paintings, made from enamel, wax, and metallic and fluorescent paint are loosely based on photographs of people, landscapes and reproductions of well-known artworks.  

Anna Bogatin: Wanderings

Bogatin considers herself as much of a philosopher as a painter and takes her inspiration from Buddhism.

John Adelman: One of Two

In these new drawings on paper and panel, Adelman adheres to rules that determine their outcome.

Kim Squaglia: Gossamer

  October 12 – December 21, 2013 Opening Reception: Saturday, October 12, 6 -8 pm   Also on view M A T T R I […]

Matt Rich

Holly Johnson Gallery announces an exhibition of new cut paper paintings and gouaches by San Diego-based artist Matt Rich. Using compositional structures that make his process […]

On Drawing: Line

Featuring Anna Bogatin, Todd Camplin, Theresa Chong, Jillian Conrad, Jacob El Hanani, Sharon Engelstein, Nicole Phungrasamee Fein, Christopher French, Richard Nix, Lauren Seiden, and Mark […]

David Aylsworth: Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Holly Johnson Gallery presents an opening of new work by H-Town’s own David Aylsworth. To celebrate Aylsworth’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery a catalogue […]

Sharon Louden: Simple Strokes

Three animations: Carrier, The Bridge, and Hedge, and two wall sculptures based on Merge, a site specific installation inspired by the Frank Gehry designed addition […]

Theresa Chong: Drawings

Delicate works on rice paper reference opera, architecture, calligraphy, and literature.

Randy Twaddle: New Drawings

Silhouetted electrical transformers and their distribution lines turn into calligraphic drawings or alternative music scores, executed in black drawing ink and coffee

Within: New Photographs by Casey Williams

Photographs from many repeated meditative field trips – yielding serene images of sky, twigs, water, detritus, and small quirks in the environment.

Mike Osborne: Floating Island

Photographs shot during the artist’s participation in the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s Wendover Residence Program, and presented first at the artist’s summer 2012 residency […]

Inside Out: New Paintings by William Betts

Betts’ signature precision-machined paintings of both outdoor and interior spaces created by drilling hundreds of thousands of holes in the back of acrylic mirrors and […]

Antonio Murado: Mantos

New York-based Spanish artist Murado is “fascinated with the alchemy of paint.” He’s been honored with many of Spain’s highest awards for painting.

Forty One Songs: New Drawings by Gael Stack

Stack’s new drawings continue to explore the ephemeral nature of memory with fragments of words and images, often layered over one another. The new UT […]

Otis Jones: New Work

Opens Saturday, September 10, 6–8 pm Jones’ blunt, minimal sculpto-paintings alternate in hue and texture, some flat, some polished, some pitted, with the heightened physicality […]

Kim Squaglia: Nymphaeum

Kim Squaglia layers painted patterns and microscopic structures between coats of resin to create paintings which are abstract, botanical,  aquatic and musical, like the Classical […]

David Row: Flat Volumes

In this confused, busy world of the simulacrum, artists are turning more and more to the basic building blocks of art making to shine a […]

Virginia Fleck: Consumed

Holly Johnson Gallery announces the opening of Virginia Fleck: Consumed, an exhibition of recent mandala collages by this Austin based artist. Fleck’s mandalas are intricately […]

Mike Osborne: Papers and Trains

Holly Johnson Gallery brings in the New Year with an exhibition of recent photographs by Mike Osborne. In Papers and Trains, Osborne brings together two […]

Todd Camplin: Language Reconstruction

Working with abstracted text since 2003, Todd Camplin exhibits his recent work in the exhibition Language Reconstruction at Holly Johnson Gallery. Camplin’s ink drawings on […]

Garland Fielder: Modulations

Garland Fielder’s recent work is presented in Modulations, an exhibition of paintings and sculpture at Holly Johnson Gallery. Invoking a minimalist tradition, Fielder’s work explores […]

Mark Sheinkman: Manhattanville Project

Holly Johnson Gallery launches the Fall season with the opening of Manhattanville Project, an exhibition of new paintings by Mark Sheinkman. His paintings delve into […]