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Blue Star Arts Complex 1420 S Alamo St #106

San Antonio, TX 78210


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Friendly Neighborhood Abstraction

A group exhibition featuring works by 16 San Antonio-based artists engaged with abstraction. Artists include: Elizabeth Camilletti, Eden Collins, Marta Francine, Nicholas Frank, Casey Galloway, Raul Gonzalez,...

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Creature Feature

An exhibition featuring works by three San Antonio artists: Alyssa Danna, Jen Frost Smith, and Jared Theis. The show aims to spotlight artists who “create work...

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Holly Veselka: Ancient Sunlight

“Holly Veselka: Ancient Sunlight is an installation of material experiments —chemical reactions and physical interactions of sugar, salt, and starch—arranged in mapped formations referencing the...

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Holly Veselka: Ancient Sunlight

“Ancient Sunlight is an installation of material experiments —chemical reactions and physical interactions of sugar, salt, and starch—by multidisciplinary artist Holly Veselka. The form and...

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Formerly Past Tense

“Formerly Past Tense examines the intersection of art and craft by presenting artists currently working in experimental contemporary fibers. Each artist invites new approaches to...

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Charlie Kitchen: The Other Side of the Sky

A show of works by San Antonio-based artist Charlie Kitchen. The photographs in the exhibition were created using selective exposure processes, allowing Kitchen to layer images onto one...

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Dave Swensen: Fountains

A show of newly created minimalist sculptures, abstract works on paper, and video pieces.

Wesley Harvey: Pretty Hurts

An exhibition of ceramic sculptures and works on paper by Wesley Harvey. The works in the show draw largely from Queer Theory and explore the ideas...

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Jorge Villarreal: WET

A show of new works by Jorge Villarreal. This exhibition continues a series of works Villarreal began in Cuba during the summer of 2016. ” In this series,...

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Brittany Ham: New Surfaces

A show of works by San Antonio artist Brittany Ham. The pieces in the show were created during Ham’s residence at Hello Studio. Ham on her...

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Laura Blair Bodden: Thresholds

An exhibition of works by artist Laura Blair Bodden. To create her photographs, Bodden constructs miniature landscapes in her studio that play with perception and reality.

Megan Solis: Christina is a Coward

An exhibition of works by Megan Solis, Hello Studio’s second resident. The works in the show draw on the “external and internal pressures to pursue...

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The Things I Carried

A collaborative exhibition spanning Hello Studio, the upstairs studios, and Blue Star Complex Space 112.

T. Hopkins: Plasticity

An exhibition of new works by T. Hopkins, Hello Studio’s first resident artist. Hopkins creates paintings using unassuming objects, including plastic bags, depressurized aerosol cans, and other...

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Casey Galloway: Tactile Memory

An exhibition of works by San Antonio-based artist Casey Galloway. Using papermaking, weaving, crocheting, dyeing, and embroidery, Galloway explores notions of memory and change.

Tom Turner: Lunar Calendars

An exhibition of works by Tom Turner. Utilizing images taken from space, Turner’s works play with perceptions of color and ownership.

Sarah Fox: Lullaby

An exhibition of work by artist Sarah Fox that caresses and manipulates the intimate, vulnerable and flawed taboos surrounding singular definitions of normality.

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