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Play Clay Collaboration

Haley-Henman Gallery

May 6 - 27, 2017

Join artists Kathleen Beecher and Brenda Foster to create ephemeral pieces made from clay.

Rebirth in the Garden

Haley-Henman Gallery

May 6 - 27, 2017

Rebirth in the Garden is a performance installation written and directed by Terrance Brooks and featuring visual and costume designs by Dustin Box. Through its setting, a twenty-first century version of the Garden of Eden, Brooks' performance deals with issues of pollution and our need to protect the environment.


Cindy J. Holmes: Thus Spake Derrida

An exhibition by artist Cindy J. Holmes. In this new body of work, Holmes takes inspiration from the Bay Area Figurative Movement to create figurative works...

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Group Nine: Collaborative Works

An exhibition of collaborative works by Patti Akkesson, Lynn Bassler, Merrilyn Duzy, Myra Gantman, Dona Geib, Midge Lynn, Barbara Nathanson, Anita Segalman, and Norma Jean Squires.

Henry Biber: Recess of the Hierophant

An exhibition of works by Henry Biber. The works in the show explore concepts of meditation and solitude and the attempt to find one’s inner self.

Marius Silaghi: Simplicity

An exhibition by Dallas-based artist Marius Silaghi. The works in the show focus on simplicity in a moment of time.  

Heather Levy: Neuroplasticity

An exhibition by Heather Levy. The artist’s installation reflects on the concept of “what might have been” and how one choice can change a person’s life drastically.

Angelia Ford: Memories and Loci

An exhibition of works by Angelia Ford. The pieces in the show turn Ford’s memories into visual, abstract compositions through gestural mark-making.

Affinity Meeting


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Saul F. Waranch

An exhibition of works by Saul F. Waranch.

The Winners Circle

An exhibition featuring works by 2015 juried show winners Pouran Borders, Gisa Elwazir, Angelia Ford, Cindy J. Holmes, Brenda McKinney, Jill Nonnemacher, Jerry E. Smith,...

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Cindy Holmes: The Subliminal Cliché

An exhibition of new paintings by Cindy Holmes. Focusing on the concept of the cliché, the paintings within the show are comprised of “symbolic contexts, figurative distortions,...

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Retrospective, Yemen 1986-1993

An exhibition of works by artist Gisa Elwazir. These works were inspired by Elwazir’s life and time spent in Yemen.

Peonies en Transit

An exhibition of three-dimensional watercolors by LD Kingsley. By combining paper and metal surfaces, Kingsley captures oxidation of the metal within the paintings, emphasizing the fragility of the...

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Pouran Borders: Apocalypse

An exhibition of paintings and monoprints by Dallas-based artist Pouran Borders exploring industrial and urban landscapes on the verge of an apocalypse.


A movement theatre performance by Prism Movement Company with art installations curated by Haley-Henman Gallery exploring the creation of civilization in three stages:  darkness, light...

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Pierre Durand: Night On The Silk Road

Pierre Durand’s paintings on silk, installed in the form of a tent, convey an unfolding silk road journey spanning Asian and European cultures.

The Salon Show

Wrapable Christmas gifts! Haley-Henman has invited its artists to show small works installed in a salon manner; each artist will exhibit from five to seven...

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Heather Levy: Rocket Science

Heather Levy makes paintings based on mathematical formulas, in this case formulas specifically related to moving rockets around (the one pictured is titled Time T...

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Galatea collaborations

A presentation of ten art installations and collaborations with the Prism Movement Company’s performance of “Galatea.” Performances of “Galatea” are at  pm on April 11-13 and 17-19,...

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Five Photographers

Features the work by David Clanton, Lee Albert Hill, Alan Robertson, Brett Schneider, and Kitty Alice Snead.

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