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Greg Davis: India's Kumbh Mela

An exhibition featuring photographs by Greg Davis. The pieces in the show depict scenes from Kumbh Mela, a pilgrimage site in India.

J. Todd Allison

An exhibition featuring new works by artist J. Todd Allison.

Dimitri Kozyrev

Dimitri Kozyrev’s landscape paintings are inspired by the ruins of wars and the impact humans have on their environment.

Joseph Cohen: Looking at a Flower

A show of new works by Joseph Cohen. The works prize “the diversity of thought and the diversity of experience.”

Morgan Sorne: Spiritus

A show of works by artist Morgan Sorne. The pieces in the show, including vocal compositions, face masks, and drawings, explore the relationships between time, written...

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M. Kelly Olsen

A show of op-art ink paintings by M. Kelly Olsen. The pieces are inspired by M. C. Escher, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the artist’s father.

Tod Bailey

A show of works by Houston-based artist Tod Bailey. The artist is focused on generating images that can be interpreted by viewers in myriad ways.

Alan Disparte: Hindsight Bias

A show of works by Austin-based artist Alan Disparte. The works in the exhibition explore concepts of “memory, technology, body aesthetics, nature, culture, gender, and...

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Casey Arguelles Gregory: Have It All

A show of works by Houston artist Casey Arguelles Gregory. The pieces in the exhibition explore issues of “feminism, gentrification, middle-class materialism and the sometimes contradictory...

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Valyntina Grenier

A show of works by Valyntina Grenier. From the artist: “These paintings, installations, and encaustics convey a colorful world seemingly untouched by the upheavals of ruin,...

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Margaret Ann Withers: ADRIFT

An exhibition by Texas artist Margaret Ann Withers. The works in the show navigate “deeply personal and visionary scenarios informed by themes of alienation, isolation, and...

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An exhibition featuring works by artists living and working in Georgia. Featuring works by Laura Adams (Brickworks Gallery / Atlanta), Namwon Choi, Patrick McKinnon, Juliana Peloso, Ruben...

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Norbert Guthier: Co-WORKS

An exhibition featuring works by: Norbert Guthier with Emilio Martinez (Florida), Matt Sesow (Washington D.C.), Heather Wilcoxon (California), Mathias Bolz (Germany), Barbara Fisher (North Carolina), Fred...

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Thomas Walsh: The Unfamiliar Norm

An exhibition of works by Thomas Walsh. The paintings in the show are inspired by rock formations the artist photographed in Narita, Japan.

Krista Birnbaum: Courage

An exhibition of works by Krista Birnbaum. The pieces in the show are inspired by the artist’s desire to understand their relationship with nature and their beliefs of...

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Maria Cristina Jadick: Coming Home Leaving

An exhibition of quilt-like works by Maria Cristina Jadick. Coming Home Leaving contrasts iconic American themes with the harsh realities of war and natural disaster through combining...

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Vladimir Frumin

An exhibition of works by Vladimir Frumin. Frumin grew up in the Former Soviet Union and worked as a NASA engineer after immigrating to the US. He is...

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Sarah Sudhoff

An exhibition of new work by Sarah Sudhoff. The series in the show, Precious Metal, explores the process of medical implant recycling, a common practice for crematoriums...

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Rosine Kouamen

“Rosine Kouamen is a visual artist working in various media.  Her artistic practice endeavors to capture the transformation of humanity through visual narratives, with underlying...

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