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Home Work: The Fine Art of Photographing People

Grace Museum

April 19 - August 13, 2016

An exhibition featuring photographs by Ave Bonar, June Van Cleef, Ken Hatch, Fritz Henle, Earie Hudnall, Jr., Garciela Iturbide, Janice Ruben, George Tice, Bill Wright, and Alice Wright, among others.


Grace After Dark

A screening held on the Grace Museum’s rooftop.

Menagerie, Art and the Animal Kingdom

Three art exhibitions that explore man’s fascination with representing animals. The three exhibitions are: MENAGERIE in the main gallery featuring work by Helen Altman, David Bates, John James...

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Grace After Dark

A screening held on the Grace Museum’s rooftop.

Texas Modernists

Five exhibitions celebrating important Texas modern artists and midcentury fashion and design– Seymour Fogel: On The Wall & Beyond; The Abstract Impulse; Ray & Charles...

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Beili Liu: STRATUS

Artist Beili Liu’s large-scale installation–a hovering, cloud-like mass of granite and wax-coated sheets with motion sensitive lighting–is a rumination on water crises, and specifically, the...

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Kelly Fearing: Lucid Dreams

A selection of artwork curated from private and public collections by Texas artist Kelly Fearing (1918-2011) to demonstrate his lifelong fascination with surreal, mythic and...

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Speaking of Clint

The art and life of Clint Hamilton panel discussion featuring Anna Powell, Judy Tedford Deaton, and artist Linda Murray.

Dr. Mark White: lecture

Dr. White will discuss American art at the beginning of the 20th century and the lure of Mediterranean scenes for American artists.

Journeys: Arthur Meyerson

Arthur Meyerson is recognized as an important photographer. Since 1974, this native Texan has traveled throughout the world, creating advertising, corporate and editorial photographs, as...

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West Texas Club Woman 1880-1950

The American women’s club movement began in 1868 when Jane Cunningham Croly, a professional New York journalist, was denied admittance to an all-male press club...

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West Texas Woman Club 1880-1950

Exhibition featuring club woman fashions and artifacts and presents the story Abilene women’s organizations contributions to West Texas culture and education.

Museum Matters: Kathie Walker-Millar

The Grace Museum is engaging art with McMurry University Professor of Art, Kathie Walker-Millar. Walker-Millar will share information about her recent trip to Peru and discuss...

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Anne C.Weary: Trees

Trees presents meticulous on-site drawings celebrating trees as enduring symbols for Weary’s  life-long advocacy for nature conserved.

MUM: Photography by Nancy Newberry

Dallas photographer, Nancy Newberry explores young women’s roles in contemporary culture. Her most well-known series features the Texas tradition of exchanging and wearing homecoming mums...

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Brian Cobble: Being There

Pastel paintings imbue suburbia, carnival arcades, city store windows with a mystical, almost surreal, quality.

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