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Raimund Girke: Investigating White

An exhibition of paintings by late-German painter Raimund Girke (1930 – 2002). Girke’s paintings treat the color white as a non-static, elusive quality that is ever-changing.


An exhibition featuring works by Madeleine Dietz, Perla Krauze and Mario Reis. The artists come out of the tradition of Richard Long, Michael Heizer, and Robert Smithson,...

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Heavy Metal

An exhibition of sculptural works by John Clement and Mac Whitney. The two artists use steel in different ways: Clement refines the steel into organic shapes while...

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Texas Abstract

An exhibition of work by significant Texas artists featured in the recently released book, Texas Abstract: Modern + Contemporary. The Houston engagement is divided into...

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2 Berliner + 1 Wiener

Recent works by Dieter Balzer, Dirk Rathke, and Josef Adam Moser– three artists (two from Berlin, one from Vienna) who use geometric shapes, sculptural form,...

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UNIT: What's in Store

See the latest multiples from UNIT, including prints, drawings, 2-D and 3-D multiples, and artist books. Participating Artists: Harry Gamboa Jr, Sage Paisner, Lewis Mauk,...

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Black and White

A group exhibition with ten artists exploring the different approaches to reductive art. Featuring work by Gilbert Hsiao, Raimund Girke, David Simpson, Myke Venable, Ruth Pastine,...

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Gilbert Hsiao: Vortex

Perceptually-based abstraction painted on shaped wooden panels.  

Perla Krauze: Suspended Blues

Gallery Sonja Roesch announces a solo exhibition of new work by Perla Krauze titled Suspended Blues. The exhibition is centered on Krauze’s work in suspended...

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What's in Store

UNIT presents its summer pop-up exhibition, What’s In Store at Gallery Sonja Roesch. UNIT is an online resource and store featuring limited edition prints, multiples, and publications by...

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No Paint

Gallery Sonja Roesch presents an  exhibition consisting of six artists whose work is based on painterly concepts without the use of traditional paint. Featured Artists:...

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Mac Whitney

A solo exhibition of steel sculptures and paintings by Texas-based Artist Mac Whitney, including the recent Linked Sculpture Series, in which an interlocking chain of...

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David Simpson

Simpson’s interference paintings and works on paper, as well as geometric abstract paintings from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Dieter Balzer

Berlin grid art: strictly organized elements at the moment when order starts to topple.

UNIT: What's in Store

UNIT’s Grand Opening Reception, preceeded at 4pm by a Pie & Tea Artist Talk with Lewis Mauk, Gissette Padilla, Helen Gerritzen, and Solomon Kane. And...

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Picture your UNIT

The inagural show for UNIT, Ariane Roesch’s online and offline store featuring hand-made, hand-pulled limited edition prints, products, and publications. Featuring multiples by Harry Gamboa...

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Accrochage 2012: Celebrating 21 Years

A group exhibition of reductive and concept-based art marking Roesch’s 21st Anniversary since the Gallery opened its doors in 1991 in Neubrunn/ Wuerzburg, Germany.

Gilbert Hsiao

Berlin-based Hsiao’s collages of perforated and layered materials that explore the mechanics of visual perception. The viewer’s experience of them depends on changing light and...

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Ariane Roesch: How Hard Can it Be?

Ariane Roesch returns from grad school at CalArts to play songs inspired by electircal wiring manuals during the closing reception for Myke Venable’s Clustered Paintings...

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