Gallery Black Lagoon

Gallery Black Lagoon

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4301 A. Guadalupe St.

Austin, TX 78751



Never Left Unsaid

A show of new works by Padaric Kolander, David Lujan & Matthew Roberts.

Never Left Unsaid

A show of new works by Padaric Kolander, David Lujan and Matthew Roberts.

The New Color

An exhibition featuring works by Ryan Cooper, Stephanie E. Estrin, Johanna Heilman, Amado Peña III, and JR Rapier.

The Uncrowd

Works by Jeana Baumgardner, Scott Bickerton, Victoria Corbett, Aubree Dale, & David Foarde.

Pondered States

New works by Luis Angulo, Caroline Bacher (Ontario, Canada), Rich Brouillet, Prince Charles (San Antonio, TX), Cameron Coffman, Noelle Fitzsimmons, Darryl Freeman, Michael Jensen, Richard...

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Surreal Landscapes

A group show presents landscapes- actual or fancied, dreams or reminiscences, past or future- present scenarios, artifacts of space and time, by Cari Palazzolo, Ryan...

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West of EAST

15 artists who live & work west Of The East Austin Studio Tour.

The Lay of the Land

Cary Hulbert, David Lujan, & Singer Mayberry find their bearings with new prints, photographs and collaborative works.

The Austin Series Vol. 2: Blurred Lines

Drawings & Mixed Media Works by Donna Birdwell, Devon Grey, Cliona Gunter, Kevin Parks Hauser, Rachel Crist and Daedalus Hoffman (video collaboration), Jaelah Kuehmichel, David...

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The 5th annual UNTITLED

The UT Undergraduate Art History Association presents a two-night show and sale of UT artwork at gallery Black Lagoon.

Blowout VII: Student Prints from UT, Austin

Participating Students: Brooke Bamford, Eliana Bernard, Kyle Carter, Chelsea Christ, Alyssa Creagh, Bobby Driskell, Lauren Gibbs, Clarissa Gonzalez, Annalise Gratovich, Jeff Javier, Iva Kinnaird, Elizabeth...

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Color Space & In Search of Lightness

Twin solo exhibitions featuring Liz Penniman & Becky Joye. On view Sept 11-12 from 12-4pm and by appointment through September 18th

The Austin Series, Part 3

Local artists collected for a “multifarious viewing experience”. New works by Gretchen Bettes, Debbie Carroll, Beth Evans-Colonna, Akaimi Davis Green, Valérie Moutier Horne, Carolyn Hulbert,...

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The Austin Series, Part Two

Multipurpose venue Gallery Black Lagoon in Austin is opening the second of its broad-spectrum rent-a-wall-for-your-art shows featuring Austin artists Jeana Baumgardner, Ben Lance,  Katie Westmoreland, ...

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Poster Cabaret Bicycle Print Show

Bicycles and prints! organizes a bicycle print show and exhibit at Gallery Black Lagoon to celebrate national bike month. The show includes over 60...

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Come out and bring your monies to a one-night only “show and sale” at Gallery Black Lagoon of work UT Austin student artwork. Snap up...

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