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Gisa Elwazir: In the Valley of the Many-Colored Grass

Gallery 422 at The Workroom

October 29 - November 22, 2014

In her work of the past year, Gisa Elwazir uses Max Ernst’s technique of decalcomania (pressing paint between two surfaces) and begins with a texture that calls forth unconscious pathways of color and form painted in gouache and ink. The final paintings portray a connection to nature in relationship to intuition, emotion and intellect.


Brenda McKinney: What Is Your Mantra?

Recycled materials from postcards, maps, and printed advertising form mandalas of symbols from various cultures representing courage, leadership, physical strength, prestige, versatility, excellence, encouragement, and […]

Saul Waranch: Uncollage

Waranch works out of the Shamrock Hotel Studios in Dallas. His drawings are developed from representational sources that evolve into mixed media abstract paintings.

Awadh Baryoum: Biomorphic Reveries

This is Baryoum’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, highlighting the relationship between his drawings and paintings.